UVEC is the qualifying event for the Western Engineering Competition (WEC), being hosted in January 2018 in Vancouver, BC. Find more details on WEC here: http://wesst.ca/wec/

REGISTER: Registration for the Summer 2017 UVEC will open roughly a month before the competition. For more information please email the current VP External, or attend an ESS meeting.



Teams of four students are given four hours to solve an engineering problem using creativity and limited resources. These students are in their first or second year of engineering making this challenge a test of their intuition as engineers and ability to work under pressure. Following the building session, teams do a short presentation for the judges before testing their prototypes with the provided equipment.


Teams of four or third fourth year students are given twelve hours to design and construct a working prototype from given materials that can solve an engineering challenge. This challenge tests the competitors’ technical skills, as well as time management and teamwork. Teams present their solutions to judges using real-world justifications, then test the prototype according to the given functional requirements.


Competitors are asked to describe a technical subject in lay-man’s terms. They must consider the economic and environmental aspects of their subject, and provide a persuasive conclusion regarding the potential benefits, risks, or effect their subject has on the world.…

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