Now that nominations for the position of President have closed, here are the two candidates for President! Campaigns will happen from 11PM March 11th until 11PM March 15th and voting will happen at (it sometimes requires you to sign in twice) from 11PM on March 13th until 11PM on March 15th.

Candidates’ Debate: On Wednesday, March 13th, at 5:30 PM the Candidates will be in ECS 116 for a Candidates’ Debate. Pop by to ask the Candidates some questions, and eat some free pizza!

Note: Candidates are listed alphabetically by their last name, as per our election policy.

Tim Berntsen

Personal Description:

I am a 4th-year Civil Engineering student and have worked extensively with the ESS in previous semesters. I have held the positions of Director of Events, Vice-President Student Life, Director-at-Large, and most recently, President for the Spring 2019 term. Through these experiences, I have organized many events, developed a full understanding of day-to-day operations, and heard from many students regarding what they want to see from the ESS. I am organized, professional, and above everything else, I am motivated to expand ESS events and services to fully benefit the diverse range of people and groups within our amazing community.


The platform that I am running on is based around community, inclusivity, and student health. The ESS represents approximately 3,000 students and I want to ensure that everyone is able to fully benefit from our events and services that we all pay student fees towards. The main priorities that I am working on are as follows:

  • Implementing engineering mental health initiatives by:
    • Working with the UVSS to improve and expand counselling services on campus;
    • Improving students’ access to and knowledge of mental health resources in
      Victoria and BC;
    • Organizing de-stressing events for engineers such as puppy playtimes.
  • Improving engineering academic and tutorial services by running more review sessions
    before exams for first- and second-year classes.
  • Having more events and services that strengthen the engineering community such as:
    • Hosting more Free Food Days;
    • Running large all-ages events, such as a bigger Formal Night, to help students
      meet each other; and
    • Designing and selling a single UVic Engineering jacket.
  • Improving engineering students’ résumés and hirability by:
    • Offering engineering skills workshops for topics such as Excel, AutoCAD, etc.;
    • Organizing more Industry Networking Events.
  • Enhancing the inclusivity of our events by properly advertising which events are
    wheelchair accessible, have gender-neutral washrooms, etc.
  • Implementing sexual health initiatives such as:
    • Offering free menstrual products in women’s washrooms; and
    • Working with the UVic Anti-Violence Project to offer workshops and events
      aimed at addressing and ending gender-based violence and gender inequality
      within the UVic engineering community.



Nathan Lawko

Personal Description:

Hi, my name is Nathan Lawko and I’m running to be President of the ESS.  I’m in 3rd year Elec and I’ve been involved in the ESS for over 2 years. I was elected President of Stream A in Spring 2018 and have spent two full terms in office and two full terms in off-term.  My hobbies include but are not limited to: Dancing in the moonlight,  Video Games, Sleeping, and Camping to escape the real world until my internet withdrawals kick in.


Having experience with the old structure of the ESS, I have learned much about what worked and what did not.  With this experience, I have three main points I would focus on during the first presidency of the new government structure: Organization, Communication, and Thorough Fiscal Management.  Some action items that I will do to meet these goals.

  • Ensuring new transition documents are created and maintained
  • Creating a 3 year plan for efficient long term planning tracking
  • Improving the way we update the public and finding new ways to make our updates less spammy
  • Better signage in the engineering buildings so people can stay informed
  • Surveys regarding our services, events, and merchandise for better engagement
  • Better posting of our budgets online so people know where their money goes
  • Introduce policy to better manage the projects the ESS is in charge of
  • Giving more power to student faculty reps and bringing in more discipline specific events

My experience and dedication to the engineering discipline and culture gives me full confidence that I will be a capable and skilled President this year.  Thanks for Voting!

Candidates’ Debate Reminder:

On Wednesday, March 13th, at 5:30 PM the Candidates will be in ECS 116 for a Candidates’ Debate. Pop by to ask the Candidates some questions, and eat some free pizza!