The nomination period for the ESS general election has closed, and the following individuals are running for a position! Voting will start at 11 PM Wednesday, March 27th, and will end at 11 PM on Friday, March 29th at (you may need to sign in twice).

Positions have been listed in the order they appear in the new Constitution, and the individuals have listed in alphabetical order by last name. During the election, all positions will have the option of “no confidence” which you may select if you feel unsatisfied with the candidates. If a no-confidence vote happens, the position will be vacant, and a by-election will be held in accordance to the new constitution.

Candidates’ Debate: On Wednesday, March 27th, at 6 PM the Candidates will be in a room in ECS 124 for a Candidates’ Debate. Pop by to ask the Candidates some questions, and eat some free pizza!

Vice-President Communications

Nathan Lawko

VP_Comms_Nomination2019_Nathan (1)

Personal Description:

Hi, my name is Nathan Lawko and I like memes, writing, and playing video games.  I’m in 3rd year Elec and I’ve been involved in the ESS for over 2 years. When I first got involved with the ESS I was a newsletter editor and really enjoyed it.  Writing the newsletter was a lot of fun but I always wanted to do more and help out wherever I could.  In Spring 2018, I was elected President of Stream A and have spent two eventful, exciting, and educating terms in office.

Platform Description:

My experience and involvement with the ESS has given me a great deal of knowledge of it’s governance and operations.  I believe there is a disconnect between the student body and what the ESS is, what it can do, and who it benefits.  I want to improve the way the ESS communicates both internally and externally.  If elected, I will:

  • Increase transparency by posting budgets and updated policy on the ESS website for public use.
  • Improve public engagement by:
    • Condensing less important engn-announce emails into clear and organized update emails for less spam in your mailbox.
    • Creating surveys regarding ESS services, events, and merchandise with a prize draw incentive.
    • Organizing more chalk’n’talks including a campaign to inform all years and disciplines on the new ESS structure, operations, opportunities.
  • Reduce visibility of concrete walls in the ELW by lobbying the faculty for club projects/posters, art, and plants to be put up.
  • Update Website with:
    • More info about ESS and clubs.
    • Graduation roadmaps.
    • Mental and physical health resources.
  • Develop clear organizational methods by:
    • Creating and maintaining an external calendar that includes events, meetings, and skilldevs from both the ESS and engineering clubs.
    • Creating transition document templates and ensure they are frequently updated for future executives.
    • Updating internal calendars for use by executives.

My knowledge and passion about the ESS and engineering culture gives me full confidence that I will be a capable and skilled Vice President Communications.  Thanks for Voting!

Vice-President Events

Abdul Abuelazm

Personal Description:

I am a first-year engineering student (hoping to declare into electrical) with a passion for connecting people together and a love for planning events. I consider myself to be an outgoing person with a fun-loving personality (also my tinder bio) and think I would be a great fit for VP of events.

Platform Description:

My priority is to change the stereotype of engineering students from weird and hermit-like to weird and ridiculously fun to be around. I want the engineering students to have a way to take a break from their course-load for an hour or two a week just to relax and refresh because we’ve all had the same late nights and the same realization of having ten assignments due and sometimes a break is all you need to get the assignments done.

Liam Downey


Personal Description:

Former Model. Now 4th year Civil engineering student. I enjoy memes and video games every now and again. I have been involved with the ESS for over 2 years and have loved everyday. I started my ESS journey as a Director of Events and in the past semester I have been vice president Student Life .

Platform Description:

My overall goal is to make as many sweet Engineering events as possible.  If I was elected I would be planning on running a bunch of cool events throughout the year. These events include changing our charity bug push to the summer when it is nice out and have longer day light hours and in the fall semester having a charity siege week just after Halloween in which students and profs can launch pumpkins around campus. Traditional events such as EEE will continue to be more fun as I have now run 3 of the past EEE’s and have experience as to what works good and what doesn’t. I also have lots of event contacts which would help with the addition of new events which I am excited to start planning.

Dryden Linden-Bremner


Personal Description:

Hi my name is Dryden Linden-Bremner and I am a fourth year Software engineer who is president of UVIC’s Chess club During my time as president I have run several tournaments, weekly events, and charitable events.


Platform Description:

If elected I would:

  • Promote order of Pi more to increase awareness and raise more donations
  • Increase promotion of our largest events in order to get increased attendance
  • Hold some great parties and pub crawls


Derek Warne

Personal Description:

Hello there, my name’s Derek, I’m a 2nd Year Elec student that transferred from Camosun. I’ve just joined the ESS this last term as co-director of services. Through these past few months I have enjoyed working along side my fellow ESS members and have learned a lot. I know that I am new to the ESS and UVic but I am very enthusiastic about taking on a more substantial role in the ESS and to help continue building our amazing community.

Platform Description:

My main goal for events is to help improve the UVic Engineering community, spirit and pride. I feel these are the top priorities I should strive to improve and build.

  • Improve on promoting and informing on events
  • Plan new events to help meet new like-minded engineers
  • Bring fellow engineers closer with more social events
  • Create more inclusive events
  • Have more regular small free events that we all can fit into our busy schedules

Vice-President Finance

Brynna Clarke-Leene

Brynna Clarke VP nomination

Personal Description:

I am in my second year and have declared into mechanical engineering. I was involved in the ESS as the Secretary in the Spring 2019 semester. This experience caused me to decide that becoming more involved in the ESS is the best way for me to improve the lives of my peers. In the past, I have been the co-captain for a research team that won the best student research project at the particle accelerator in Saskatchewan, the Canadian Light Source. This experience provided me with leadership and organizational skills that I will carry forward to be a reliable, friendly, and open-minded VP Finance.

Platform Description:

Accountability, organization, and transparency will be prioritized in the 2019-2020 academic year.

I am aiming to establish a reliable and modern system that allows the ESS to easily keep a record of all monetary interactions, and seamlessly compare budgets and spending in the years to come.

Vice-President Internal

Emma Horgan

Application pic

Personal Description:

My mom always told me I could be anything I wanted when I grew up. This semester, I’ve finally realized that I want to be the Vice President Internal for the ESS. For real though – my name is Emma, and I’m a fourth year Civil Engineering student. In previous semesters, I’ve contributed to the ESS in small ways – from finding memes as the Chief Newsletter Editor to volunteering at EEE. With a lighter course load for the last year of my degree, I hope to dedicate my time to developing strong relationships with both faculty and students as the VPI.


Platform Description:

My overall goal as VPI would be to provide as many opportunities for students to give feedback on their programs as possible, so that improvements can be made, and everyone can have the best experience possible in engineering. Should I be elected, I hope to support relationships between faculty and students in several key ways:

  • Respectfully and efficiently resolving any conflicts between students and faculty by:
    • Actively providing support to address any concerns as soon as possible
    • Finding qualified student representatives from each department in order to provide accurate feedback to faculty continuously throughout the term
  • Helping organize faculty/student events, including:
    • Prof-Student socials
    • Industry Appreciation Nights
    • Accreditation Q&A sessions
    • Tutor sessions
    • Exam crams
    • Anything else students would like to see!

Finally, throughout the year long term, I hope to learn as much as I can from previous Vice President Academics in order to continuously improve in this role.

Vice-President External

Jordan Gough


Personal Description:

Hi, I’m Jordan. I’m a third year civil student and I’ve been involved with the ESS in some way, shape or  form for about a year now. For the past 3.5 months I have been the VP External for the ESS, and during that time the attendance of students to engineering conferences has ran smoothly and under budget. I  also have previously served as the Director of Corporate Relations for the ESS. I would like to continue serving the student body for the upcoming year.

Platform Description:

As VP External, my priorities will be to ensure the maximum amount of engineering students that want to attend engineering conferences and competitions will be able to. I will accomplish this by actively seeking out sponsorships to fund the attendance of more students, as well as more funding for other events that the ESS runs.

Vice-President Student Life

Alexandra Boucher-Carter


Personal Description:

I am a second year biomedical engineering student. I volunteered on the ESS in the previous term as the secretary.  Within this role I attended every meeting and gained a good understanding of the operations of the ESS. I have come to place a great value on the dedicated members of this student organisation and I hold it within the highest regard. These values allow me to dedicate myself fully to the position and the work that comes with it for the entire year I am elected.


Platform Description:

My main focuses within the role of VP Student life for the engineering student society are to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment. I strive to increase awareness and participation from engineering students in ESS affairs, as well as; provide more in depth information to students about resources available for sexual and mental health, provided by the university.

  • Increase student involvement in clubs/events:
    • Encourage more active social media, more advance notice for events; and
    • Run larger club days.
  • Create an inclusive environment:
    • Offer more diverse options for feminine hygiene products, and ensure they are offered within all ELW bathroom facilities with a regularly maintained supply.
  • Promote better sexual health through the ESS:
    • Offer protection methods more openly; and
    • Create awareness of university resources for sexual health – create a space for open discussion about safe sexual health.
  • Encourage sustainability in the office:
    • Offer more vegetarian/vegan food products; and
    • Discourage use of single-use plastics (ex: cutlery, slushie cups).
  • Maintain and improve ESS merchandise:
    • Create new engineering jacket;
    • Offer more colour neutral and gender neutral merchandise; and
    • Improve the display cabinet.
  • Work with other executives on creating a more inclusive environment within the ESS office. I plan to do this by improving office ‘look’ and feel, as well as the social environment within the office.

Equity Officer

Natalie Blecha

IMG_20170127_143142 (1)

Personal Description:

I am a 3rd-year Civil Engineering student and have worked with the ESS in previous semesters as Director of Services for three terms. I have extensive experience within the advocacy groups and the UVSS as an Advocacy Representative for the SSD (Society for Students with a Disability) for a second year. In this role, I am a voting member of the UVSS Board and am responsible for advocating for students with disabilities to the UVSS board. I have experience with drafting and implementing equity-based policy within the SSD and the UVSS, and with community consultation within marginalized groups on campus.

Platform Description (Optional):

My platform is centered around advocacy and student inclusion. My main priorities are as follows:

  • Promote inclusivity and accessibility for all ESS events by advertising which venues are wheelchair accessible and have universal washrooms, and which events include alcohol consumption.
  • Collaborate with the advocacy groups, WEC (Women in Engineering and Computer Science) and LTD (Leadership Through Diversity) to learn and implement best practices to create safer spaces within engineering.
  • Work with AVP (the Anti-Violence Project) to ensure all ESS board members and EEE (Engineering Evening Excursion) volunteers have completed a consent training workshop.
  • Encourage screen-reader accessibility as a standard for all engineering club websites, starting with the ESS website.
  • Listen to student feedback and center marginalized student voices in the discussion about how the ESS can best meet the needs of the engineering student body.

Tessa Charlton


Personal Description:

For the past three years I have been an active member in Uvic’s Leadership Through Diversity in Engineering club where I have been involved in planning numerous events. Last fall I had the privilege of attending the Conference on Diversity in Engineering where I was able to learn about the various ways that our ESS can help to make our community more equitable, diverse, and inclusive. I have also been a part of Uvic Rocketry as outreach lead. These experiences have provided me with the necessary tools to best fulfill the position of Equity Officer for the ESS.

Platform Description (Optional):

If elected as Equity Officer for the ESS, I would facilitate equity, diversity, and inclusivity within our community by not only helping to implement and oversee policy and procedures within the Council, but also by fostering a strong working relationship with the Faculty of Engineering. I believe that community culture is a very important vehicle for equity within our community. A little awareness can go a long way. To achieve this, my goals are as follows: to provide workshops on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) to start conversations within our community; to work with ESS clubs to ensure that events are run with the community at large in mind; to create avenues for people to report situations that were not equitable; to
establish a strong working relationship with the Dean’s Office; and to provide aid to clubs wishing to expand their youth outreach. I am a dedicated person and am genuinely passionate about this subject. I am confident that with my previous experience and knowledge I will be able to serve our community and Council to make Uvic’s engineering community one that all students are proud to be a part of.