Hello Future Engineers!


I hope everyone had a good first day of classes!  The ESS wants to remind everyone that our Semesterly General Meeting (SGM) is coming up this Thursday May 9th at 15:30 in the ELW Lobby.  At this meeting, we discuss important matters such as the terms budget, policy changes, hold elections, and eat FREE PIZZA.  In the past, all elections were done at this meeting, now things have changed recently but more on that below.

Remember, at this meeting we want your opinions and griefs!  If you don’t like the way we budgeted something, let us know and if the people agree it can be changed.  Your opinions matter and they can make a difference.



Ok, so what’s all this business about elections?  Didn’t we just hold elections?  What’s a Semesterly Elected Position?  I’m glad you asked.

Yes, we did our Council elections last term for the yearly elected council.  But, we have many smaller positions that are great for getting involved and making a difference with a bit less work.  These positions are now Semesterly Elected Positions.  These positions are elected at each SGM and are only in power for that term.  Less commitment, more fun, the same experience gained.

A brief description of the positions are as follows:

-Director of Services

Do you like slushies, engr merch, and snacks?  Well then thank the tireless work of the Director of Services.  Their job is to make slushies every Friday, order and improve any merchandise and swag, and to assist in getting snacks for events.  Oh right, and they get the delicious bean juice that keeps engineering students alive and functional.


-Director of Corporate Relations

The Director of Corporate Relations is the money maker of the ESS.  They assist the Council in securing sponsorship for anything from UVEC to office improvements.  This role is great for gaining experience in communicating with business both engineering and other.


-Director of Sports

Each term the ESS hosts an engineering intramural sports team.  The Director of Sports acts as the coach and team lead for this team!  They also host other sports events like Royals Night.  Required for this position: lots of spirit, knows of a sport.


-Director of Information Technology (IT)

The Director of IT is the go to IT guy/gal/person that holds the ESS website and computers together.  For most engineers, this position is a walk in the park.  It can still be a good way to brush up on html and managing hardware, no judgements.


-Chief Newsletter Editor

The ESS has a newsletter, it’s semi-serious but mostly fun.  The Chief Newsletter Editor is in charge of finding stories, dank memes, any interesting tid bits of information, and compounding it into a newspaper esque format.



The Secretary takes notes at the Weekly ESS Meetings, but more importantly, takes care of the office plants.  This is a very important role as engineers often don’t go outside; they require office plants around them to remind them that nature does indeed exist.



How to get elected

Just come down to the SGM and wait for the elections to start!  We will ask for nominations in order and votes are made in person.  It’s that easy!  If you can’t make it, send us an email and we can set up a proxy in your place.  If you don’t want one of these positions but still want to get involved, ask your president about becoming a Director at Large (a helping hand position that volunteers when available).



Any Questions?

Feel free to come on down to the ESS Office/Lounge or send us an email.  Reach out to our president Tim Berntsen at esspresident@engr.uvic.ca, our VP Communications at essvpcomms@engr.uvic.ca, or our general email account at ess@uvic.ca



Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!!!!!