We have our annual Bug Push for Charity is this Sunday, June 23rd 8am – 8pm,!  Here’s a quote from our Charity Coordinator:

Bug Push is the charity event that the UVic Engineering Students’ Society (UVic ESS) hosts in partnership with the UVic United Way campaign. Teams of UVic students, faculty, staff, and corporate teams from across Victoria test their stamina, have fun, and raise funds while manually pushing a hollowed-out 1972 VW Beetle around UVic’s 2.2-km Ring Road. Each team pushes for a half-hour shift, with the goal of keeping the bug rolling all day. This year we the “Bug” has a zebra-inspired paint job!

You will need 3-5 people to push the bug: at least two to push and one to drive. Minimum $40 donation per team, and teams are encouraged to fund-raise on their own. You can also register as a individual and we will try to find a team for you to run with. All proceeds go to United Way. Donations will be accepted on the day of event. “