Hello Everyone!


We thought we would share this message from the CFES (Canadian Federation of Engineering Students) regarding some European STEM Courses.  Please read the quote below for more information.  (Feel free to message ESSVPComms@engr.uvic.ca for a French version of below text.)




Hello All!

It’s time for one of the most wonderful times of the year again, BEST Course Application Season!

The Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) is inviting Canadian engineering students to apply to attend their complementary education courses all over Europe!

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about a technical topic, in a 1-2 week long course with approximately 20 hours of technical instruction per week;
  • Explore an European city and experience the local culture with students of technology from all over Europe through sightseeing activities;
  • Participate in an “international evening” to share your cultural traditions with the rest of Europe.

Your responsibilities on the course will usually include:

  • If you apply as a co-organiser:
    • Helping course organizers with minor tasks related to the hospitality, social and cultural components of the course as well as technicalities;
  • If you apply as a participant:
    • Attending lectures and experience the academic component of the course;
  • Participating in team building activities and games with other participants;
  • Sharing your experience at the BEST Course with the CFES and your Engineering Society upon your return;
  • Having a good time and bringing your Canadian Engineering spirit!

Please note these courses are in English and your application letter must be written in English. However, nearly everyone in BEST speaks English as a second language, so this opportunity is in no way limited to native English speakers; BEST courses are a great way to improve their English skills without feeling uncomfortable/out of place.

All Engineering Students from a CFES member school are welcome to apply.

Deadline for applications is the 26th of November, 2019, 17:00 EST (don’t follow the date on the BEST website). You will be notified of your application results by December 16th.

I encourage everyone who is able to apply — this is an amazing opportunity to learn from experts about diverse technical topics and network with students from countries across Europe. (Plus accumulate a whole bunch of BESTies :))

  1. Students must apply using the google forms below, or at cfes.ca/best-courses and NOT on the BEST website
  2. To ensure you have a good application, see the folder of example Motivation Lettersand this page for tips on how to write your application
  3. Meals, accommodation, and activities are provided by the organizing city during the course, however you are responsible for the transportation to and from the host city, as well as the course fee if you are a participant (no course fee for co-organisers)

List of events you can apply to:

Event Name Location Dates Participants Fee Coorganizer spots Participant spots
Lion Green, The Circle of Life Athens, Greece March 15 – 23 45€ 0 1
De-carbonize me, de-carbonize you Brussels, Belgium March 2 – 9 40€ 1 0
21 Green Street: a district like no other Paris, France April 24 – 3 May 50€ 0 0
Energy is Greener, Under the Sea (Level)! Delft, Netherlands April 26 – 5 May 50€ 1 2
Mission possible: Autopilot. Russia Ekaterinburg, Russia March 9 – 18 50€ 0 1
Aircraft, from simulation to the sky Bordeaux, France April 19 – 26 40€ 0 0
DRIFT – Discover Reliable Innovations in Future Transportation Paris, France April 5 – 13 40€ 0 1
Brewing & Distilling: The Big Beer Theory Graz, Austria April 3 – 10 45€ 0 0
Nothing else MATTERials Grenoble, France April 18 – 26 45€ 0 1
U’ R’ Banned! Please, learn urban design to continue Kiev, Ukraine May 3 – 12 50€ 1 2
See the BEST in I(o)T Kosice, Slovakia March 1 – 8 40€ 0 2
The One with the Manufacturing Las Palmas, Spain March 23 – April 1 40 € 0 1
SimCity : let’s build the city of tomorrow ! Lyon, France April 18 – 27 45€ 0 0
Deep thought: principles and applications of EEG Brain-Machine Interfaces Milan, Italy May 2 – 11 50€ 1 0
Biotech: signals of your body Moscow, Russia March 27 – April 5 50€ 0 2
Microservices? Lets Talk About It Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina May 27 – June 5 50€ 3 3
Let’s viRUS it! Saint Petersburg, Russia April 18 – 27 45€ 2 1
Smartville: The City of Tomorrow, Today Thessaloniki, Greece March 11 – 19 45€ 1 1
FuTurin: Imagine the city of tomorrow Turin, Italy May 7 – 19 0€ 0 1
Breaking BIO: synthesising biomed Valencia, Spain April 13 – 20 45€ 1 0
Chronicles of Energy: The Oil, The Wind and The Sun Zagreb, Croatia May 1 – 11 45€ 1 1


Participants Application Form: https://forms.gle/r1Zn1xnb682FanoXA

Co-organisers Application Form: https://forms.gle/i2ZhJH9BfmsDfXyWA

Best of luck applying! For more information see the attached documents. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact me: vpi@cfes.ca