Election Results – Spring 2019

Hello everyone! The election results* are in, and the following individuals were elected for the ESS Council for the 2019-2020 year:
President: Tim Berntsen
VP Communications: Nathan Lawko
VP Events: Liam Downey
VP External: Jordan Gough
VP Finance: Brynna Clarke
VP Internal: Emma Horgan
VP Student Life: Alexandra Boucher-Carter
Equity Officer: Tessa Charlton
Congratulations to everyone who was elected, and thank you to every who ran or voted!
*These results are preliminary results and need to be ratified by the current ESS Executive, so if you have any concerns on the election process please reach out to any member of the current ESS Executive.


Candidates for ESS Council Positions

The nomination period for the ESS general election has closed, and the following individuals are running for a position! Voting will start at 11 PM Wednesday, March 27th, and will end at 11 PM on Friday, March 29th at webvote.engr.uvic.ca (you may need to sign in twice).

Positions have been listed in the order they appear in the new Constitution, and the individuals have listed in alphabetical order by last name. During the election, all positions will have the option of “no confidence” which you may select if you feel unsatisfied with the candidates. If a no-confidence vote happens, the position will be vacant, and a by-election will be held in accordance to the new constitution.

Candidates’ Debate: On Wednesday, March 27th, at 6 PM the Candidates will be in a room in ECS 124 for a Candidates’ Debate. Pop by to ask the Candidates some questions, and eat some free pizza!…


Candidates for President

Now that nominations for the position of President have closed, here are the two candidates for President! Campaigns will happen from 11PM March 11th until 11PM March 15th and voting will happen at webvote.engr.uvic.ca (it sometimes requires you to sign in twice) from 11PM on March 13th until 11PM on March 15th.

Candidates’ Debate: On Wednesday, March 13th, at 5:30 PM the Candidates will be in ECS 116 for a Candidates’ Debate. Pop by to ask the Candidates some questions, and eat some free pizza!

Note: Candidates are listed alphabetically by their last name, as per our election policy.