The Engineering Students’ Society:

According to our constitution, the purpose of the ESS is:

i) To be the single voice of the University of Victoria engineering
undergraduate students, and
ii) To promote, direct, sponsor, and coordinate activities which will
benefit the present and future University of Victoria engineering
undergraduate students.

Which is to say that we try to make Engineering student life better and more awesome in whatever way we can. We host as many events as we think you can attend, including epic EEEs (Engineering Evening Excursions), hockey nights, video game nights, movie nights, potlucks, dodgeball, and more. Few of our events are 19+, so if you are underage or just prefer not to drink we still have lots of events for you!

The Faculty of Engineering also uses the ESS for student representation on Academic decisions, including how to make the degree program better and more relevant. It is a continuous process, and we are always looking for input. So if you find a particular course really great or terrible, let us know.

The ESS also sends students to, and is hosting this January, the Western Engineering Competition (WEC). We will be having a qualification competition (UVEC) soon, and we’d love for you to compete – but more on that later. We also send delegates to several annual conferences across Canada where we talk to other engineering student societies and look for ideas that we can bring back to UVic to make our ESS more effective and awesome; at these conferences we also make decisions that affect students across the country.

You can hear about everything that we are up to by reading the Fishwrap, from right here at, or checking our bulletin board located in the ELW Lobby by the stairs. We’d also love it if you stop by our office (ELW 206) to offer suggestions, help, or just to chat. We really are not that scary.

The Executive:
The ESS Executive is a group of people that helps to improve the quality of UVic Engineering life outside of classes. The positions are completely voluntary, and each Exec spends approximately 5-10 hours per week organizing, developing, and communicating ESS events and services. Approximate workload ratings have been given from 1-10, ten being high. The length that an Exec may hold a position may not exceed 16 months (2 school terms and 2 co-op terms) without re-election.

At the start of every term, a Semesterly General Meeting (SGM) is held to ratify the ESS budget, vote on new motions, and elect new ESS Executives. Any undergraduate engineering student is allowed to run for an Exec position, so at the next SGM, get your friends to come out and vote for you!

President: The President is the Dear Leader. Glorious in every way. Ruling with an iron fist and death grip powers like Lord Vader, the President… sorry, apparently this is a fairly Democratic and lame Society where the President pretty much just gets to do the housekeeping of the ESS. Chairing the weekly meetings, talking to lots of people, making sure that nothing is forgotten, that the Constitution is followed, etc. Workload: 10.

Vice-President Academic: The No. 2 in the society, the VP Academic’s job is to advise the Faculty on matters relating to the academic parts of your degree and seek out input from students. The VPA also acts as President should the President be absent. Workload: 7.

Vice-President External: The VPX is our contact to the rest of the world, or at least our equivalents at the Western (W.E.S.S.T.) and National (CFES) levels. They are our head delegate at conferences. They host the qualification events for the Western Engineering Competition (WEC) and chair the Competition Team. They bring in guest speakers, if possible. And finally, the VPX helps to seek out sponsorship. Workload: 9.

Vice-President Finance: The VPF is in charge of keeping the ESS from going belly up. They keep create and maintain the budget, and disburse funds as required. Workload: 5.

Director of Events: The Director of events, you guessed it, runs the ESS events, or at least helps out with them (many events, such as Hockey Night, are co-chaired with other executives). The largest event that the Dir. Events runs is the Engineering Evening Excursion (EEE) which is the most highly anticipated event of any term. Tickets always sell out fast, so make sure to get one quickly. The Dir. Events also chairs both the Events and Charity Teams. Workload: 7.

Director of Services: The Dir. Services is the unsung hero of the ESS. They keep the office well-stocked with all consumables required – the most important being the Free Friday Slushies available to all who suit up. They also order our merchandise which can be anything from neon sunglasses ($5) to credit card shaped bottle openers ($5), bandanas ($5), and those black Engineering jackets (~$75). This position requires access to a motor-vehicle. Workload: 5.

Director of Communications: Who do you think writes the literary masterpiece (Fishwrap or Tubes & Wires) every two weeks? Dir. Comm. Clever, witty, and all around awesome, the Dir. Comm is on a never-ending hunt for anything worthy of the students’ attention. The bar is pretty low, so if you have something to contribute, send it to essacom at (Stream A/Fishwrap) or essbcom at (Stream B/Tubes). They also chair the Publications Team. Workload off-week: 1, workload on-week: 11.

Director of Corporate Relations: If you are good at getting people to give you money then I have two questions for you. One: why are you putting yourself through the pains of Engineering? and Two: Why are you not running for Dir. Corp? The Dir. Corp. helps with sponsorship, especially for our charity events. Workload: 6.

Director of Information Technology: SENG Students listen up! This is the position for you. It is all about programming. We have this brand new ESS Website that looks super slick, but no one knows how to use it yet (I’m told it’s pretty easy). If you think you can tackle that challenge, Dir. IT is for you. Workload for Mechs: 15, workload for SENG/ECE: 4.

Director of Sport: As strange as it may sound, there is an Engineering student soccer team. And we are pretty damn good. This team is managed by the Dir. Sport. They also run our other popular sporting related events such as Dodgeball and Hockey Night. Workload: 3.

Director of Student Relations: This position is in charge of getting as many students involved in as many things as possible. They are the ESS Engineering Clubs liaison. They are our contact for delicious multi-cultural food at potlucks. The host of epic video game nights, and the source of cinema selection for the ESS movie nights. Workload: 4.

Secretary: The secretary is the Master of Minutes for the ESS. While their only required duty is to take minutes during the weekly meetings, they have numerous informal duties. Chief among these is keeping the office plant alive by taking it for walks, and finding a replacement when they eventually kill it. Others include tracking changes to the constitution, and making sure that the ESS’s supplemental course material is always available for students. Workload: 2.