The Engineering Students’ Society of UVic has two sets of elected representatives; A yearly elected Council that is responsible for most overarching governance, and Semesterly Elected Executives that are vital to the regular happenings of the society.¬† A list of past executives can be found here.

2019-2020 Council

Tim Berntsen



Nathan Lawko

Vice President Communications

Jordan Gough

Vice President External

Emma Horgan

Vice President Internal

Brynna Clarke – Leene

Vice President Finance

Alexandra Boucher-Carter

Vice President of Student Life

Liam Downey

Vice President of Events

Tessa Charlton

Equity Officer

Elected in Fall Term

First Year Representative

Summer 2019 Semesterly Elected Executives

Kelly Knights

Co-Chief Newsletter Editor

Courtney Toney

Co-Chief Newsletter Editor

Isabella Duelli Duente

Director of Corporate Relations

Dana Bell

Co-Director of Services

Cord Corcese

Co-Director of Services

Derek Warne

Director of Information Technology

Davina Dike

Co-Director of Sport

Zak Papas

Co-Director of Sport

Derek Lowlind




Summer 2019 Discipline Representatives

Discipline Representatives act as your faculties student representative. They go to faculty meetings, give input, and talk directly with your professors. If you ever have any comments or concerns regarding your faculty or one of your classes, feel free to reach out to your Representative directly or your VP Internal.

Amy Scott
Civil Engineering

Vinayak Pendharkar
Biomedical Engineering

Sophie Kirk
Mechanical Engineering

Logan Velestuk
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mahum Azeem
Software Engineering