Your Engineering Students Society, the ESS, wants to help make your transition into the UVic Engineering Faculty as easy as possible so we made this page with some information that we think will be helpful.

Getting Started

Getting started at university, whether in engineering or not, is a big shift. Before you go out and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on school supplies, you should think about whether or not you really need certain things.

Buying textbooks:

Don’t rush out and buy all your textbooks! Often textbooks will be on the required list for a class when they should be on the optional list. If you know someone who is already in engineering, ask them which textbooks you need, and which ones they found helpful. Otherwise, wait until after the first class or two before getting the textbook, you will quickly find out if you need it or not.

Another thing to look at is getting actual textbooks in different ways. You can buy used textbooks for less at SUB-Text in the SUB (Student Union Building) and in the UVic bookstore. Another option is to look online. Amazon and Abebooks carry many of the textbooks for slightly less. E-books are also a good alternative; they are often cheaper, occasionally free, but they do require you to stare at a screen. Lots of students use e-books regularly, but some prefer having an actual textbook.

Meeting People

To set yourself up for success in engineering, it is important to meet other people and make friends. This lets you form study groups, work on projects and ask questions with a group of students who are going through the same workload you are. There are two main times where people come into UVic engineering and the ESS runs events for both groups. Keep an eye on the ESS facebook group for information on events run by the ESS. They’re a lot of fun and you get to break the ice with a bunch of other incoming UVic engineers.

Engineering Life

Something that you will quickly learn is that Engineering is quite stressful at times and it is important to balance your academics and your social life. Remember to occasionally get out and be active. Among many other opportunities, you can check out CARSA, UVic’s new gym, or join an intramural team.

If you find yourself struggling with stress, or to keep up with school, there are lots of resources available. If you’re finding yourself stressed, check out Counselling Services. They have both groups and individual sessions to help you work with stress. If you find yourself struggling with the workload, check out this link to see one of the resources available.

Another great way to balance your academics and social life is…

Getting Involved

There are all different kinds of clubs at UVic for every kind of person. These range from the engineering clubs where you will learn technical skills to professional development unions (like your ESS) and from gaming clubs (like the Super Smash club) to athletic clubs (like the sailing club). Check out the UVSS club listing page for a list of all the clubs at UVic and how to contact them.

For the engineering clubs, you can check out this page.

For more information on the ESS, you can look around this website more, or check us out on social media. We post all of our events on our Facebook group.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uvicess/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uvicess

If you have any other questions, feel free to email our president at essprz@uvica.ca!