The ESS administers student locker allocation in the Engineering Lab Wing (ELW). If you are a UVic student (even one outside of engineering and computer science) you are welcome to use a personal locker, free of charge, provided the following conditions are met:

  • You provide your own lock – if you do not keep a lock on your registered locker, we will assume that you have abandoned it and reserve the right to issue it to another student without warning.
  • You do not store dangerous or illegal items in your locker.
  • You do not allow perishable food stored in your locker to rot.
  • You register your locker with us immediately after placing a lock on it.

Every four months, at the start of a new academic term, the ESS will send out an automated renewal email to all students with a registered locker. You must click the link provided in the email to renew your locker for another four months. If you do not renew, or if you do not register your locker, your lock will be cut off and the contents donated to charity.

Clubs are eligible on a case-by-case basis for storage in multiple lockers – please contact the ESS for details.

DISCLAIMER: The lockers are located in the Engineering Lab Wing which students have 24-hour keycard access to, so use your head regarding storage of valuables. The ESS takes no responsibility for the security of items stored in student lockers.