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Clubs Day, Free Food, and Survey with Prize Draw

Hello UVic Engineering Students!  We have two quick updates for you.

Firstly, we have a quick (6 questions – 10 min) General Experience Survey to share with you.  The link to the survey than be found here.

All questions are optional but if you fill in at least 3 questions and enter your UVic email you will be entered to win a $20 Dominos gift card and $20 worth of ESS Merchandise!  Please answer the questions as honestly as possible and you have any comments or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us directly at  Prize draw closes June 7th at 20:00, only engineering undergrads are eligible.


Secondly, we have clubs day coming up Wednesday May 29th from 10-2 in the ELW Lobby.  There will be a free BBQ, booths, fun, and an excuse to chat with some of our excellent engineering club members.


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CFES Presents BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) Courses

The CFES (Canadian Federation Of Engineering Students) is reaching out to applications for tech courses in Europe!  Below is an email from the CFES VP Internal; for application links or example motivational letters please email President Tim Berntsen at


#WHAT: BEST Courses in Autumn 2019
#DEADLINE TO APPLY: May 26, 23:00 CEST (5:00 pm EST)
#FEE: 0 EUR for co-organisers // see table for participants fees
#LIST OF COURSES: See table below

Refer to this page for all information

Hello All! It’s time for one of the most wonderful times of the year again, BEST Course Application Season!

The Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) is inviting Canadian engineering student to apply to attend their complementary education courses all over Europe!

These are short courses (1-2 weeks) that focus on a particular technical topic. As a volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a European city with students of technology from all over Europe, to learn how complementary education courses are organised in BEST, and of course to have fun.

In the attachment of this e-mail, you will find a list with all the available courses for the upcoming season, as well as further details on the application process, and expectations of your role as a CFES volunteer co-organiser/participant.…

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Summer 2019 Semesterly General Meeting — SGM

Hello Future Engineers!


I hope everyone had a good first day of classes!  The ESS wants to remind everyone that our Semesterly General Meeting (SGM) is coming up this Thursday May 9th at 15:30 in the ELW Lobby.  At this meeting, we discuss important matters such as the terms budget, policy changes, hold elections, and eat FREE PIZZA.  In the past, all elections were done at this meeting, now things have changed recently but more on that below.

Remember, at this meeting we want your opinions and griefs!  If you don’t like the way we budgeted something, let us know and if the people agree it can be changed.  Your opinions matter and they can make a difference.



Ok, so what’s all this business about elections?  Didn’t we just hold elections?  What’s a Semesterly Elected Position?  I’m glad you asked.

Yes, we did our Council elections last term for the yearly elected council.  But, we have many smaller positions that are great for getting involved and making a difference with a bit less work.  These positions are now Semesterly Elected Positions.  These positions are elected at each SGM and are only in power for that term.  Less commitment, more fun, the same experience gained.…

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