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SGM Approaches!

With the beginning of the semester we have some big events on the horizon, staring off on Wednesday (Sept. 12th) afternoon with a Review of the Proposed changes the Constitution prior to the Semesterly General Meeting (SGM) on Thursday (Sept. 13th) where we will be voting on these changes. We will also be voting the New Executive in, going over the proposed budget and much much more.




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UVic Engineering Competition (UVEC)

UVEC is the qualifying event for the Western Engineering Competition (WEC), being hosted in January 2019 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Find more details on WEC:



Senior Design – Teams of 4

Teams of four third or fourth year students are given six to eight hours to design and construct a working prototype from given materials that can solve an engineering challenge. This challenge tests the competitors’ technical skills, as well as time management and teamwork. Teams present their solutions to judges using real-world justifications, then test the prototype according to the given functional requirements. Judging criteria will be based on students’ demonstration of technical electrical, mechanical, and software knowledge.

Junior Design – Teams of 4

This competition challenges junior (first or second year) engineering students to design and build a prototype to address a technical problem. The Junior Team Design category is similar to that of Senior Team Design. However, with emphasis on prototype functionality rather and design theory.

Communications – Teams of 2

Teams of two are asked to describe a technical subject in lay-man’s terms. They must consider the economic and environmental aspects of their subject, and provide a persuasive conclusion regarding the potential benefits, risks, or effect their subject has on the world.…

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What Summer 2017 ESS Brings You!

This semester, your ESS executive is planning many events for your enjoyment, learning, and exercise. Classics such as the EEE will be continuing on in full force to provide you with cold refreshments and a break from the grind. Formal Night, a fan favorite, will also be returning. Those that went last semester should get ready for bigger stakes and more prizes! In addition, new events such as Felebrate, Movie-On-The-Sea, and Neon Jump are being planned to add some excitement to your summer!

Check the ESS events calendar in the ELW lobby, the official ESS Facebook group, or our website UVic ESS for a full list of events and dates.…

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