The University of Victoria Engineering Students’ Society currently supports 18 official engineering clubs on campus, and encourages students to join as many as they are able and interested in.  Engineering clubs are a great way to apply your knowledge, develop new skills, and meet new people.  Experience gained through engineering clubs is often the most valuable asset on a student’s resume.

Can’t find anything you like? Start your own! If you can demonstrate that students are involved and passionate about your club, you can receive funding from the ESS.  Contact the ESS President ( and VP Student Life ( for more information on starting a club and receiving club funding.

Want to join the ESS?  Contact the President ( and let them know you are interested.  Smaller appointed roles are always available!


UVic AERO is a multi-disciplinary student led club that develops Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). AERO competes annually in the Unmanned Systems Canada Student Competition. Members get hands on experience and learn to apply their academic skills as they collaborate in the design and construction of software, circuit boards, and airframes. AERO is open to all students of all backgrounds and welcomes the diversity that they bring.

AI Club:

Club Contact: Debrah Wyatt, Club Founder (

The UVic AI Club is the foundation of artificial intelligent interest at the University of Victoria. Our mandate is to foster interest in AI research and to advocate for university programs which lead to degrees in AI disciplines.

We also participate in AI based competitions, generate practical AI software, and offer guidance for individuals interested in learning and improving their skills in AI programming.


AUVIC is an interdisciplinary student-run group that designs and builds an autonomous submersible robot to compete in the international RoboSub competition. The primary purpose of AUVIC is to provide students with hands-on exposure to underwater technology and embedded systems. Every aspect of the robot must be designed, created and tested by the team, giving students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in order to solve real world challenges. The competition itself is an obstacle course with challenges such as object and colour recognition, firing torpedos at targets, dropping markers into bins, picking up and transporting objects, and detecting sonar pingers.


The UVic Biomedical Engineering Design team is a multidisciplinary competition team aimed at creating medical devices to solve the needs of clinicians and patients in the local community. Our club aims to teach our students core mechanical, electrical, and software design skills through hands on skill development and industry standard knowledge-driven design practices. Our dynamic and fast-paced project environments let members experience unique and novel design experiences from problem development to solution formation through design.

Canadian Society for Civil Engineers

CSCE UVic Chapter

Established in Fall of 2013, the University of Victoria student chapter of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) has set forth to develop a community for civil engineers in British Columbia’s capital city and to follow and expand upon the mission put forth by our parent organization, CSCE. Visit our website to assist CSCE in meeting its strategic goals and to serve as the medium between the students and the National and regional offices.

Concrete Canoe

The UVIC Concrete Canoe Team is currently the only Civil Engineering team at UVIC. Comprised of Engineering students, we design and build a canoe made entirely of concrete in order to participate in the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition each year in May. The competition involves four main components: the final product, oral presentations, races, and a technical report. These components are used to judge all aspects of our canoe and the process used to create it.

EERI UVic Student Chapter

Student Chapter of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) promotes advancing earthquake engineering research and provides members with opportunities and networking platforms with industry and academic personnel to further their understanding of earthquake engineering. The goal of the club is to compete in the annual student design competition, which consists of constructing a small timber model that satisfies the given criteria and is evaluated on its performance on a shake table which simulates the movement of an earthquake.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders Canada is a registered charity working towards systemic changes to help alleviate extreme poverty in Africa. The organization is comprised of professionals, students and volunteers from all across Canada who are aligned together to inspire progressive thinking and create the next generation of leaders. Our mission is to bring people and ideas together to solve the most crucial causes of poverty and inequality. With over 50,000 members and more than 40 student chapters, EWB is one of the largest international development organizations in Canada. On campus and in and around Victoria, we champion Fair Trade initiatives, youth outreach projects and global citizenship.

Formula Hybrid

The University of Victoria’s Formula Hybrid team annually competes in the most complex and dynamic competition of SAE International Collegiate Design Series. The Formula Hybrid competition emphasises drive-train innovation and fuel efficiency for high-performance vehicle applications, while overcoming complicated system integration challenges. For this, it was awarded the 2018 ABET Innovation Award last fall. UVic Hybrid placed first in the 2019 competition. Team members include Computer Science; Humanities; Science; Commerce; and Electrical, Software, Mechanical, and Computer engineering students. Members work in teams and use industry standard tools to research, design, fabricate, and test applied engineering components in a hands-on and supportive learning environment.

Formula SAE

UVic Formula motorsport is a student-run team who designs, builds, and tests an open-wheel race car. Every part on the car is either designed completely by the team members or bought and integrated accordingly. Our team members gain valuable engineering experience as they can design with almost complete freedom. Taking a design from conception to manufacture is very common and is a rewarding and a great learning experience for any young engineer. Our team members are very passionate about the project, which produces a rewarding, challenging and fun environment to work and learn within.

Global Engineering Brigades

Global Engineering Brigades (GEB) is a student-led movement for clean water access in the developing world. GEB partners with community leaders and local engineers to assess, plan, and design clean water systems. GEB focusses their work in remote and under resourced communities that struggle with either nonexistent or dysfunctional water systems. Working in coordination with UVIC Global Brigades as the engineering chapter, the team is devoted to resolving healthcare and economic disparities with a holistic approach that corresponds with 6 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals including good health and welling being, and clean water and sanitation.

IEEE Student Branch

The IEEE UVic Student branch is a student-run organization that connects students with the opportunities that are presented by the IEEE. It also hosts various events for students throughout the year and provides a lab space for all members to use freely for any school or personal projects. We offer academic support for first year math and computer science to all engineering students. We also offer electrical and software troubleshooting assistance and tools. The Student Branch maintains the McNaughton Centre which is a lab and office space that is available to all members for use at any time. Throughout the year, the Student branch also runs a number of events that are open to Branch members and the public.

Leadership Through Diversity (LTD)

Leadership Through Diversity (LTD) is a student-run group that was started in January 2012. The creation of this group was inspired by many of the existing Women in Engineering groups across Canada, and the support and involvement they provided minority groups in a male-dominated field of study. LTD provides inclusive and educational events, leadership opportunities, and endeavors to build a diverse and strong engineering student community.  Additionally, LTD is the UVic chapter for EngiQueers Canada, aiming to support LGBTQ2+ students in engineering.

Precious Plastics

Precious Plastics Uvic Facebook page

Precious Plastics UVic is building a compact plastic recycling plant to breakdown UVic’s recyclable plastic and produce valuable items, this idea is based on the open source resources provided by Precious Plastic ( The clubs current goal is to fabricate the four machines required for upcycling of plastics and design new molds with which to make valuable items. No experience necessary, just a motivation to build things, create a sustainable community and learn about plastics.


The Robotics Club at the University of Victoria is a student run team that incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to designing a six-wheel land robot for competition in the Canadian International Rover Competition. Computer vision, electrical power systems, embedded electronics, mechanical design of a robot arm, 3D printing, and programming are a few of the technical skills that the robotics club applies to solve the problem of designing and prototyping
our robot.

Our club mandate is to make others more employable, promote mentorship, and provide a creative environment where students may train their interpersonal and technical skills. We share club space with Hybrid in Q-Hut on campus at UVic, where we host general meetings and design sessions on a weekly basis.


Passion for rockets and aerospace unites and inspires the UVic Rocketry Team. Several sub-teams specialize in the rocket’s propulsion, aerodynamics, composite structures; Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) systems; recovery systems, testing, launch operations, and scientific payload development. The team welcomes members from all backgrounds and encourages collaboration between students in various fields such as engineering, science, business, and UVic’s other complementary programs.

Satellite Design

UVSD is a team of undergraduate and graduate students who are dedicated to designing, building, and testing a fully functional small satellite. The team participates in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, a nationwide engineering competition that exposes students to aerospace industry practices and contacts. UVSD has roles for all students, regardless of study or experience level – from project management and marketing, to electrical and mechanical design –
you can rest assured that UVSD is the perfect place to build the skills that employers crave.

Submarine Racing

As the only Marine Engineering club, the UVic Submarine Racing Club promotes the development of diving, design and manufacturing skills of engineering student. Additionally, we connect students with industry professionals in Marine Engineering and provide opportunities for networking and co-ops.

UVic Technology Club

The UVic Technology Club is a multidisciplinary group of students who enjoy putting their minds together to create interesting, innovative projects. We plan on working on a multitude of different projects in the future, however our current goal is to send the first autonomous boat across the Atlantic Ocean.  There have been 26 other attempts at this feat without success.


We have been putting our electrical, mechanical and software skills to the test and plan on launching from St. John’s Canada in July 2019.

UVic Virtual

UVic Virtual is the University of Victoria’s student-led virtual and augmented reality club.

We aim to help UVic students learn to build quality VR tools, experiences and games. We are partnered with on-campus labs that offer student access to VR equipment. Our members have varying levels of experience, and we share a passion for innovation, dynamic learning and asking questions. We learn from each other and develop our core competencies as we work together on club projects.

Women in Engineering and Computer Science

WECS Facebook

Women in Engineering and Computer Science (WECS) encourages and supports gender diversity in technology. WECS runs a variety of projects on and off campus with the goal of increasing and retaining students of all genders in the Faculty of Engineering. WECS offers free drop-­in tea and cookies meetings every Thursday as a welcoming environment for students to connect with one another.