The Society currently supports 12 official engineering clubs on campus, and encourages students to join as many as they are able. Engineering clubs are a great way to apply your knowledge, develop new skills and meet new people. Experience gained through engineering clubs is often the most valuable asset on a student’s resume.

Can’t find anything you like? Start your own! If you can demonstrate that students are involved and passionate about your club, you can receive funding from the Society.

UVic Aero builds Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and competes in the annual Unmanned Systems Canada Student Competition. The competition requires each team to build a UAV to survey a simulated disaster zone and give a detailed report of the damaged area. Aero won 3rd place in 2014 and 2nd place in 2015. Members learn to apply their skills as they design and create software, circuit boards, and airframes.

AUVic designs and builds a autonomous submersible robots to compete in the international RoboSub competition. The purpose of AUVic is to provide students with hands-on exposure to underwater technology and embedded systems. Every aspect of the robot must be designed, built and tested by the team, giving students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to solve real world challenges. The competition is an obstacle course involving object and colour recognition, firing torpedoes at targets, dropping weights into bins, picking up and transporting objects, and detecting sonar pingers.

BioDev is the biomedical development team affiliated with the UVic Centre for Biomedical Research. The team includes students from all disciplines of engineering as well as the Faculties of Science and Business. BioDev is devoted to designing medical devices for events like the VentureWell Debut and BME-Idea competitions. The current device being developed is a vital signs sensor package for first responders.

Satellite Design
Satellite Design (formerly EcoSat), designs cubesats for competition at the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC). Their team consists of dedicated undergraduate and graduate students passionate about space technology. EcoSat won first place at the CSDC in 2014, and continues to work hard to improve their technology.

Engineers Without Borders
Engineers Without Borders Canada is a registered charity working towards systemic changes to help alleviate extreme poverty in Africa. The UVic chapter was founded in 2005 and works to inspire progressive thinking and create the next generation of leaders at our school.

Formula Hybrid
Formula Hybrid that design, builds high-performance hybrid vehicles. Their vehicles challenge the status-quo of hybrid vehicle technology, with performance and efficiency both far above conventional vehicles. Their team is constantly stepping up to the challenge of technical innovation that are presented when exploring new technology.

Formula SAE
UVic Formula SAE is a high-performance automotive design team. Each year UVic FSAE builds a formula motorsports car and competes with schools from across North America at the Society of Automotive Engineers’ Formula competition. This club is great for anyone looking to get real hands-on experience in the automotive industry.

IEEE Student Branch
UVic IEEE is student-lead branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. IEEE hosts events and workshops throughout the year, provides academic support for first and second year students and operates the McNaughton centre, a lab space for members to use for school or personal projects. IEEE is always welcoming new members, so don’t hesitate to drop by ELW B350 anytime. If the door is locked just knock, someone is usually in the office.

Leadership Through Diversity
Leadership Through Diversity (LTD) provides leadership opportunities and inclusive events for engineering students. LTD aims to promote diversity throughout engineering by running inclusive and fun events for everyone. Anyone in engineering is encouraged to attend events and get involved.

UVic Robotics is a group that designs, builds, and programs all things robotics. The club’s current goal is to compete at the Canadian Rover Competition in 2018. If you have a passion for design and problem solving, or if you just enjoy moving and crushing things with your mind, check out the Robotics club.

The UVic Rocketry Team is a student-led group that designs and builds competitive sounding rockets. Rocketry finished 3rd place a the 2016 Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition with their debut rocket, MVP-1, and won the SDL Payload Challenge at the Spaceport America Cup in 2017.

Women in Engineering and Computer Science
Women in Engineering and Computer Science (WECS) encourages and supports gender diversity in technology. WECS runs a variety of projects on and off campus with the goal of increasing and retaining students of all genders in the Faculty of Engineering. WECS offers free drop-­in tea and cookies meetings every Tuesday as a welcoming environment for students to connect with one another.