1.0           Hodgie’s Quote of the Day

<The scene - Kane is in Regina at WECC washing some vitamin pills down with Bacardi 151 at about 08:00 in the morning>

Kane:  “Hey this stuff says ‘flammable’ on it. I was drinking this so much last night.”

Trent: “From what I hear, you were definitely exhibiting some FLAMING behavior last night…”


2.0           Attendees

Craig (President)

Kane (Treasurer)

Jane (Director of Communications)

Wayne (VP X)

Gordon (Director of Corporate Relations)

Treva (Director of Events)

Sean (VP A)

Jenny (Secretary)

Jennie (Fishwrap Editor)

Tariq (Director of Services)










3.0           Recap of past meetings minutes and action items


4.0           President

4.1           Old Business

4.1.1        Meeting Times

Wednesday at 5:30pm

4.1.2        Orientation Meeting Document

feedback is due back ASAP

4.1.3        Keybox Keys

to be distributed by Sean

4.1.4        Business Cards

Craig will have them next week

4.1.5        Individual Meetings

will finish meetings ASAP

4.1.6        AGM and BBQ

Craig is still looking into the SUB

4.1.7        Office Hours

to be posted outside office

4.1.8        ORP

cleaning will take place and an inventory will be made

4.2           New Business

4.2.1        WECC Re-cap

UVic won the most metals, and the most metals per capita

4.2.2        Polar Bear Swim

February 9th; participants must bring 2 cans each; flyers will be distributed ASAP

4.2.3        Eng Fleeces

feedback is welcome

4.2.4        ESS “Ideas” Session

will form separate meetings in two weeks


5.0           VP Academic

5.1           Old Business

5.1.1        Co-op Committee Issue

no news

5.2           New Business

5.2.1        Midterm Schedule – 3B Elecs

asked to talk to profs; maybe let Sean know if problem persists

5.2.2        Midterm Schedule – In general

ask profs to plan midterms together


6.0           VP External

6.1           Old Business

6.2           New Business

6.2.1        WECC Recap and Press Release

press release will be done by Jane

6.2.2        Competitors at CEC

CEC will contact winners; mention in press release

6.2.3        WESST and CFES Links

Wayne will get full names

6.2.4        APEG-BC Career Day

Wayne and Gordon will organize companies and engineers


7.0           Treasurer

7.1           Old Business

7.2           New Business

7.2.1        Endowment Fund

need to find two committee members


8.0           Director of Communications

8.1           Old Business

8.2           New Business

8.2.1        WECC Press Release

send any info to Jane; due before next meeting


9.0           Director of Corporate Relations

9.1           Old Business

9.2           New Business

9.2.1        Printer for ESS

Gordon will look into a new printer by sponsorship

9.2.2        Idea of Support Group

possibiliy to have companies arranged in a tiered support system; Gordon will make a portfolio to present to companies


10.0        Director of Events

10.1         Old Business

10.1.1      Pub Crawl Planning

maps; t-shirts; buses; and venues will be decided

10.2         New Business

10.2.1      Order of PI

sub-committee, Grand Inquisitor, sponsors needed

10.2.2      Ultimate Frisbee

date TBA; teams will be 7-9 ppl; t-shirts

10.2.3      UVic Eng Games

rent an est.; mid-March


11.0        Director of Services

11.1         Old Business

11.1.1      Foos Players

Tariq will order new players ASAP

11.2         New Business

11.2.1      Printer Accounts

Tariq will boost print accounts every Thursday


12.0        Secretary

12.1         Old Business

12.2         New Business

12.2.1      Mail

enough said


13.0        Fishwrap Editor

13.1         Old Business

13.2         New Business

13.2.1      Fishwrap – Edition 1

first edition will be out on Monday; all execs must write 2-4 sentences about themselves by Thursday night


14.0              Varia

14.1              Office

14.1.1         must have execs in office at all times



15.0              Frosh

15.1              will be discussed after the meeting

15.2              possible committee to be assembled



16.0              Closing “Thought of the Day”


The probability that any working part of in a machine is X percent.  The more parts you have working on a process, or the more devices you have working in series, the relation of the probability of them functioning together can be expressed in percentage form, as the function XY, where Y indicates the number of devices working.  So, if the probability of one device working is 90%, and you have 9 devices working in series, the probability of them working together is 38%.


The same can be applied to people in meetings.  Even if everybody pays attention 90% of the time, the chance that all 9 people (coincidentally, this in the number of executives on the ESS) will all be paying attention at the same time is 38% as well.