July 8, 2003


o       Digital Camera


Action Items



·        Talk to Kelly about booking a field

Nikin, Jason and Wayne

·        Go to the bank this Friday and have the cheque signing authority changed


·        Send out an e-mail to the beng link asking for scholarship nominations but send it out to all of us first


·        Talk to Reese to see what the situation was then when money was used from the endowment fund for intramurals


·        Send an e-mail out to the link to advertise Mini-Wecc


·        Find out about shipping cost for the shirts

·        Find out where the digital camera was bought from and find out if they’ll fix it

·        Check with Uvic and see if we’re allowed to have the radio station


·        Make a sponsorship outline so a package could be ready for next semester


·        Talk to Stream B about the random cheques


·        Call Milestones to make a reservation and see if they’ll help us out with anything