February 11, 2004


Action Items

·        Kelly

o       Get movie from Coburn

·        First Year Reps

o       Have a list of places and costs of halls for the next meeting, also find out what the policies are about outside food and drink costs

·        Kinman

o       Contact anyone you want information from to help you with this

·        Kelly, Kinman and Laura

o       Meet about setting $ amounts for sponsorship


·        Attendees:  Maya, Nikin, Matt, Coburn, Lisanne, Laura, Amalia, Aimen


·        Updates

o       This is what we’re going to be doing each week

o       Action Items all done

o       Hall and Printer still ongoing

o       Movie Monday

§        C103 7:30 DSB

§        Send requests to Kelly otherwise it will be Indiana Jones 2

o       Action Item:  Kelly-Get movie from Coburn

o       Girls Night

§        Need more first years

o       Guys Night

§        Will be informal

§        Matt will be taking care of this

·        Flag Football

o       Cost will be $400

o       PML and Law are interested in entering teams

o       Business will be entering a team

o       Meeting on Friday at 12:30 if anyone wants to help out

o       Need to get a first year team

o       Sign up will be until the Thursday before the event

o       Subway for lunch

o       Will be given 15% off on food as well as all the stamps

o       Will be giving us $100 for putting up a sign

o       BP and McD’s will also be putting up signs

·        Pubcrawl

o       Nothing has been done yet

o       Would like help

o       Might be able to get VIB sponsorship

o       Need to set a line up of where to go

o       Will be starting at Brendan’s house

o       Commerce might be interested in joining us

o       On Feb 27th they are having Martigras and on Mar 27th they are having a softball tourney and have invited us

·        Formal

o       Started checking into places

o       Action Item:  First year reps-Have a list of places and costs of halls for the next meeting, also find out what the policies are about outside food and drink costs

·        Exec Update

o       Any suggestions or want to be involved-contact Matt

·        Office Rearranging

o       Try to get more desks by getting rid of sofas? NO

o       Leave this room as a place to relax

o       Keep the sofas and see if a desk can be added as well

·        WECC Refunds

o       Will be put towards 2005?

o       Discussions are still ongoing

·        Fish Wrap

o       There will be an issue out the Monday we’re back (Feb 23)

o       Include the Pubcrawl and Flag Football tourney

o       Put FW on the net

·        Endowment Fund

o       Will be taken care of by Laura

o       We will only collect receipts for payments to be made-everything else will be taken care of by Laura

·        Cash Box

o       Try to keep it neat

o       Envelopes/Sign-up sheets will be just in the safe not in the cash box

o       Foos/Squash is short-there should be more money for the number of people signed up

·        Sponsorship Package

o       Get info about student organizations-things we support

o       Keep it professional

o       Point out things that could catch sponsor’s attention

o       Focus on the charitable events we support

o       Leave out information about Uvic-focus more on the ESS

o       How much does this cost?

o       Keep it short and concise

o       Have an executive summary-like the back of a book to start the package off

o       Charity events should get ½ a page each

o       Give sponsorship options

§        Society in general

§        Specific events

o       No endowment fund info?

§        Keep it-it shows what we do with the money we do have but make sure to focus on what we could do if we had more money

o       Mission statements of what we’d like to do

o       Talk to other schools about what they do

o       Random Blurbs about the ESS

o       Position Info?

o       Shows structure

o       Should only have one contact put in all e-mails but say to contact corp only

o       Create an e-mail addy that goes to both corporate relations positions

o       Action Item:  Kinman-Contact anyone you want information from to help you with this

o       Action Item:  Kelly, Kinman and Laura-Meet about setting $ amounts for sponsorship

·        Industry Night

o       Move date to March 10 as APEG is having another event the same day

·        Order of Pi

o       Need more volunteers

o       Class announcements

o       Friday 4pm there will be Piings in the mall

o       Press conference