March 10, 2004


Attendees:Matt, Coburn, Nikin, Sundeep, Maya, Laura (late), Kelly, Marc, Chris, Sherry, Kinman


Action Items:



o       Try to scan in exams during your office hour


o       Event Summaries

        Kinman, Kelly, Laura

o       Meet to talk about money amounts for the Sponsorship package



        Canít be posted because they havenít been getting through the link

        They have been put in the Secretaryís DIRT


Co-op Meeting

        Barry is on vacation so plans to have one are on hold until he gets back


Pub Crawl Receipts

        Laura needs these from Chris


The file cabinet wounít open

        There should be a key for BARF in the lockbox


Printer Update

        Playing phone tag with staples

        Should we keep waiting to hear something from Staples or just buy it?

        Give it another week and then just buy it




        Industry Night is tonight


        Spring Formal

o       The menu will be finalized today

o       Tickets are redady to be sold

o       Sell them outside the office whenever possible

o       Must sell a minimum of 60 tickets, a maximum of 200

o       If we have extra money buy a bottle of wine for each table

o       Doors will open at 5:30, dinner will be around 6:30

o       We canít bring any alcohol in

o       $4.50/beer


        Golf Tourney

o       Still happening?Yes

o       1pm

o       March 27th

o       Clubs will not be included in cost-each person will have to bring/rent their own

Frosh Chairs

        Amalia Kopac and Peter Holbrook


Fall Event Planning


        Frosh-September 6-9

        AGM-September 17

        BugPush-September 30-October 1

        Really need to get BugPush organized while weíre not here

        Canoeing-September 18

        Assasin-October 4-15

        Sports Tourney-October 9

        Formal-November 26

        Skating-November 6

        Pubcrawl-November 29



        $4 for add-ons up to 8 letters

        The ones for this semester have been ordered


Sponsorship Pacakge

        Almost done!!!

        Just need to borrow a digital camera to add in some pictures