AGM-September 17, 2004


·        Call to Order: 2:20

·        Quorum met with 65 attendees

·        Chair:  Kelly

·        Secretary: Sherry

·        Review of Robert’s Rules

·        Review of Agenda

o       Approved-no count

·        Review of last semester’s budget

·        Review of Fall Budget

o       Approved-no count

·        Review of Events planned for this semester

·        Accountability Sessions

·        Election of Positions

o       President

§         Jason nominated-declined

§         Nikin nominated-accepted

·        JP 1st, Sarah 2nd

§         Coburn nominated-accepted

·        Keinan 1st, Amalia 2nd

§         Chris nominated-declined

§         Nikin

·        On exec

·        Attended meetings

·        Need to get more involvement

§         Colburn

·        Involved in ESS

·        Helped out with Mini-WECC

·        Co-Chair of Frosh

§         Questions

·        Maya-How will you deal with conflicts within the ESS?

o       Colburn

§         Be unbiased and get opinions from the Exec

o       Nikin

§         Get everyone to contribute and look for what will be the best option for the ESS

·        Sarah-How will you increase participation?

o       Nikin

§         Get events for younger students

§         Get bridge students and younger students involved

o       Colburn

§         Noticed the 1st years are apathetic

§         Be more open

§         Enhance the social scene

·        Sherry-Main goal as president

o       Colburn

§         Maker sure everyone is having a good time and provide resources

o       Nikin

§         Get more input

§         Count

·        Nikin 35

·        Coburn 6

·        Abstain 1

·        Nikin Elected

o       VPA

§         Omar nominated-accepts

·        Jason 1st, Nikin 2nd

§         Bryon nominated-accepts

·        Nikin 1st, JP 2nd

§         Omar

·        Part of ESS in past as DOS

·        Worked on getting sponsorship for Congress

·        Worked for Go WEST

§         Bryon

·        Doesn’t really want the position

§         Questions

·        Mark-Would you do work if you go the position?

o       Bryon

§         Yes

o       Omar

§         Yes

·        Jason-what do you not like about the ESS that you would change

o       Byron

§         Lack of participation

§         Get more involvement with other faculties

o       Omar

§         Communicate with students and stand up for them-he’s here for the students, not the faculty

§         Vote

·        Omar elected-no count

o       VPX

§         Coburn nominated-accepted

·        Maya 1st, Nikin 2nd

§         Sundeep nominated-accepted

·        Marc 1st, Sarah 2nd

§         Colburn

·        Heavily involved with mini WECC, went to Congress

·        Made a lot of contacts while he was at Congress

·        Good at Schmoozing

·        Really wants to do this position

·        Has a light course load so he has the time to put into the position

§         Sundeep

·        Get other faculties involved

·        Went to Congress and built ties there

·        Wants to keep unis all across Canada together

§         Questions

·        Nikin-What will be the result of your being here?

o       Colburn

§         Bring Business faculty closer

§         Bring UBC and SFU together

§         Gain contacts in industry

o       Sundeep

§         Is an open person

§         Will bring people together

·        Jason-Its hard to work with faculties that aren’t as organized as ours, How do you plan to deal with that?

o       Sundeep

§         Don’t deal with the society if they aren’t helpful

§         Get posters out

o       Colburn

§         Got to UBC and SFU to talk to their VPX’s

§         Find societies that are as organized as ours

§         Try to help societies that aren’t organized become more organized

·        Sarah-What about schools other than UBC and SFU?

o       Colburn

§         Good idea

o       Sundeep

§         It has to be two ways with colleges

§         Colburn           19

§         Sundeep        13

§         Abstain           8

§         Colburn elected

o       Trez

§         Brad nominated-declined

§         Julie nominated-accepted

·        Lisanne 1st, Jason 2nd

§         Bryon nominated-accepted

·        Nikin 1st, Marc 2nd

§         Sherry nominated-declined

·        Leone nominated-declined

§         Julie

·        Good at keeping track of money

·        Will find a better way to track the money

·        Will set up an electronic system to track the money

§         Bryon

·        Will be a good Trez

·        Questions

§         Questions

·        Nikin-What types of decisions will you make?

o       Byron

§         Good ones

o       Julie

§         Chris-Experience managing money?

o       Bryon

§         Pays tuition

o       Julie

§         Worked with Girl Scouts

§         Julie                17        18

§         Byron              19        22

§         Abstentions    5          2

§         Bryon Elected

o       Secretary

§         Lisanne nominated-accepted

·        Maya 1st, Nikin 2nd

§         Leon nominated-declined

§         Lisanne

·        Has been really involved

·        Was Secretary for Pi

·        Went to all the meetings last semester

·        Won’t kill the plant

§         Lisanne elected-no count

o       Events

§         Amalia nominated-accepted

·        Brendan 1st, Coburn 2nd

§         Leon nominated-declined

§         Sundeep nominated-accepted

·        Kinman 1st, Maya 2nd

§         Brad nominated-declined

§         Keinan nominated-accepted

·        Coburn 1st, Lisanne 2nd

§         Amalia

·        Was the Frosh Co-Chair

·        Wants to be more involved

§         Sundeep

·        Likes to party

·        Is organized

·        Drinking or no, he’ll make sure events are good

§         Keinan

·        Worked on Frosh

·        Ordered the shirts and hats

·        Talked to the Breweries

§         Questions

·        Sherry-Are all of you of age?  And if not, how will you get around this?

o       Amalia

§         Will get other people to help her

o       Sundeep, Keinan both of age

·        Brad-Will you have paintball?

o       Amalia

§         Yes

o       Keinan

§         Has done it before and knows how to organize it

o       Sundeep

§         Yes

·        Jason-Will you have a committee?

o       Keinan

§         You can’t do everything on your own, would need a group to help you

o       Amalia

§         You can’t do it on your own, knows from Frosh who you can get to help you out

o       Sundeep

§         You can’t do it on your own, will get people who are good at stuff to help out

§         Amalia            2

§         Sundeep        25

§         Keinan            15

§         Sundeep elected

o       Services

§         Julie nominated-accepts

·        Lisanne 1st, Jason 2nd

§         Amalia nominated-accepts

·        Maya 1st, Sarah 2nd

§         Julie

·        Worked with photocopiers and printers fixing on her last coop term

·        Will get new merchandise

§         Amalia

·        Knows how to work a photocopier

§         Questions

·        Leather Jackets?

o       Amalia

§         Depends on the cost

o       Julie

§         Same, will not order them if it’ll lose money

·        Nikin-What services would you proved

o       Both were not sure what the position involves

§         Julie                17        17        23

§         Amalia            16        25        16

§         Abstentions    8          4          2

§         Julie elected

o       Communications

§         Maya nominated-accepts

·        Brad 1st, Jason 2nd

§         JP nominated-accepts

·        ? 1st, Marc 2nd

§         Chris nominated-accepts

·        Julie 1st, Nikin 2nd

§         Maya

·        Will work on FW either way

·        Was Comm last term

·        Will work with Sundeep to promote events more

·        Is working on Bugpush

§         JP

·        Will help out with FW

·        Knows about websites

·        Will get student input in FW

§         Chris

·        Good with web pages

·        Will make FW funnier

·        Will get posters up and keep them up

§         Questions

·        Marc-Do you know how to maintain the website? Comfort with speaking in front of groups? Can you draw?

o       Maya

§         Drew comics for FW

§         Made posters but this is usually done by Destry

§         Not much coding experience but the website does not require much knowledge

§         Presentations scare her but she’s getting much better at them

o       JP

§         Knows a lot about websites

§         Has made posters

§         Has made presentations for work

o       Chris

§         Teaching people on coop term

§         Good with websites

§         Good with graphics

·        Nikin-There have been a lot of FW’s getting out, will you keep this up?

o       Chris

§         Will keep it up, is good at BS

o       JP

§         Will work with Chris and Maya on it

o       Maya

§         Has already gotten an issue out

§         Maya   27

§         JP       3

§         Chris   14

o       Corporate

§         Leon nominated-accepted

·        Byron 1st, Jason 2nd

§         Amalia nominated-accepted

·        Coburn 1st, Brendan 2nd

§         Keinan nominated-accepted

·        Lisanne 1st, Brad 2nd

§         Leon

·        Dealt with professional companies through his coop

§         Amalia

·        She really wants this position

·        Need to get new sponsors for the ESS

·        Is professional

§         Keinan

·        Frosh-dealt with companies

·        Set up the new deal with the brewery

§         Questions

·        Sarah-Your experience getting large scale funding?

o       Amalia

§         Did for swimming

·        How will you help out student organizations?

o       Keinan

§         Knows they are important

§         Will talk to people in the groups

§         Will talk to other people in engr to find out what contacts they may have

o       Amalia

§         Will show people the benefits of sponsoring the ESS

o       Leon

§         Will find out what the groups need and what they’ve done so far and go from there

§         Leon   13        15        15       

§         Amalia            14        17        16

§         Keinan            16        14        14

§         Abstentions    1          0          0

§         Amalia Elected

·        Motion to let the late arrivals vote by had for motions

o       For                  20

o       Against           3

o       Abstentions    2

o       Passes

·        Motion:  F04-ESSA-01

o       For                  56

o       Against           1

o       Abstentions    0

o       Passed

·        Motion: K04-Essb-01 and F04-ESSA-02

o       For                  50

o       Against           1

o       Abstentions    0

o       Passed

·        Motion:  F04-ESSA-04

o       Passed-no count

·        Motion:  F04-ESSA-05

o       For                  46

o       Against           19

o       Abstentions    0

o       Passed

·        Excellence in teaching award presented by the Dean to Dr. Geballi