Engineering Students Society Meeting Minutes                                           Sept 23, 2004



Lisanne Prince

Julie Lan

Amalija Kopac

Nikin Popat

Byron Pile

Kelly Stich

Sundeep Rana

Omar Ishkentana

At 5:00pm:

Marc Doucette



Jason Wei

Colburn Holbrook

Laura Starcevic



Time: 4:40pm


-Office hour times were set.

-Meeting time will be 7:30pm weds.

-Passing out the key contracts, and collection of the deposits done.

-Action item Sundeep draft application for sports rep. due tomorrow

-Action item Mya draft application for IT rep. due tomorrow

-Action item Mya put applications in the Fishwrap

-Action items all new execs: write a write up about them and send to Mya for fishwrap, and post pictures for website.

-Date for signing authority. Monday morning.

-Action Item: Kelly and Laura write a letter to sign over authority.

-Action item: execs come to bug push

-Mya is asking people to come at 7 to help set up.

-keep office closed during the day.

-execs bring music to bug push

-Assignment of events: Sports tourney and pub-crawl are dir of events

-Action Item: Lisanne organize girls night

-Action item: Colburn taking charge of assassin and Mya will help.

-Action item: Mya takes charge of skating

-Action item: Send midterm list to Sundeep

-Nikin will help colburn with mini wecc

-Wesst Olympics calling them a write off.

-Retreat presidents meeting is also called a write off.
-Action item: Colburn find out membership fees

-Action item: Mya switch over exec accounts

-Action item: everyone gives Mya your engr log in.

-Action item: Old execs clean out email

-Action item: Kelly, Tell first years to come sign up for first year reps

-Action item: Lisanne, colburn, amalija select first year reps

-Action item: Kelly show Lisanne what to do with minutes.

-Announcements: Intramural teams, soccer Tues and ultimate Thurs. Tell them to come sign up in the ess office.

-Action item: Everyone bring food to next meeting.

-Transferring of keys

-Meeting adjourned