ESS Meeting                                                                                                         Sept 29 2004
















LATE: COLBURN – he gets to clean the office

Absent: Sundeep (excused)


Action Items:

Colburn – Clean office

Nikin – Create dummy account on the computer for log in

Colburn - get fees for CFES/WEEST to Byron

Colburn – make WECC planning sheet

Colburn – get assassin report done

Julie – set up spread sheet for stuff sold

Byron – Write cheque for Bug Push

Amalija – set up sponsorship package and make corporate plan

Amalija – set up sponsorship for PUB CRAWL

Amalija – Schmooze VIB

Julie – Order office supplies

Omar – bring back office supplies!!!

Maya – Put fleeces in fish wrap

Julie – get stickers

Lisanne – Pick a girls night date

Kienan – send picture to Maya

Everyone – announce ultimate to classes

Lisanne – collect msns, alternate emails and phone numbers



-Bug push went great

-Going to use events planning sheets for all events now on

-Get all midterm schedules to Omar

-Omar trying to get professor presentation for electives

-PPE During industry night possibly

-Find out what to do with iron ring money from Sherry

-Going to top off Bug Push total at $2000

-Signing authority: Nikin, Sundeep and Byron ASAP

-Going to use change from bug push for cash box (write check)

-When some one sells printing cards or merchandise record in transaction book

-We do sell UNIX lab printing credits, only Julie will know how.

-Once totals are settled for bug push, going to settle out shirt cost, Maya’s and Kinman’s cost, as well as candy

-Relationship with VIB isn’t very good, so going to look at Lighthouse brewery

-Ordered more toner for photocopier

-Amalija idea movie pizza night (from villages or dominos)

-If anyone feels we need more office supplies email Julie

-Find out about ENGR paper from staples, and isometric paper

-Fleecy forms out to 2a’s and up put in fishwrap

-Julie get stickers with frosh logo

-Fish wrap ready to print, but no toner

-Exec accounts are up and running

-Sports and IT won’t get keys or exec accounts

-$200 bucks for girls night

-Soccer has lots of people coming out

-Ultimate needs people so announce to classes

-Kienan is the sports rep

-Wants to do a golf tourney, went well last time (pitch and putt)

-Kienan needs midterm schedules

-15th of October tentative date for pub crawl

-Lisanne and Sherry do directories