ESS Meeting†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Oct 6th 2004

















Marnie (Excused)



Sundeep (Excused)



Action Items:

-Nikin bring treat to next meeting

-Omar get a mach representative for the 4A elective talks

-Byron figure out where we stand with steam B

-Byron pay AGM stuff

-Byron contact deans office

-Byron get bug push check for Maya

-Amalija look into VIB and light house go with Sundeep and Kienan for beer tasting

-Amalija look into other companies

-Amalija talk to Kinman and get Pepsi support

-Byron when we find out how many students for WEEST and CFES get the numbers to Colburn

-Colburn get mini WECC done ASAP

-Maya advertise in Fish Wrap for Mini WECC

-Colburn send Mini WECC ad for fish wrap

-Colburn get Assassin organized soon

-Colburn get Congress/WECC/WEEST dates

-Colburn find out about Women in Engineering Conference

-Maya ad for industry night in next Fish Wrap

-Julie get the stickers going soon

-Julie make form for fleeces for Fish Wrap

-Nikin email Julie form for Fleeces

-Maya make ad for cheap shirts

-Julie call canon about locking trays

-Maya give cheque to United Way

-Nikin let next stream know that the bug is good

-Kinman get rid of the BUG

-Maya submit list of primary volunteers

-Maya get a beer glass to Karl

-Kienan look into canoeing

-Kienan look into golf tourney

-Kienan get shirts

-Maya advertise for pub crawl

-Byron talk to bus people about debts

-Maya make tickets for Girls night



-CSCU wants to be on good terms

-ESSA link back up (Kelly fixed it)

-We need an IT coordinator

-Faster meetings, more structured

-Bring treats so meetings

-Faculty had good support for bug push

-Coop fee will go down for Csc students but not necessarily for engrs

-Coop may not stay mandatory

-Omar has stats of faculty

-New ranking for GPA distinction

-Mechs want to have departmental talks about electives

-4A Elective talks after midterms

-Byron is taking care of stream B stuff and agm

-Byron is checking into how much the Dean will give for AGM because cscu was involved

-Amalija is looking into pub crawl stuff

-If anyone needs sponsorship talk to amalija

-Colburn emailed WEEST and CFES about fees and it was good

-Mini WECC will be on the first weekend on November

-Maya will help advertise Mini WECC

-Mini WECC meeting next week

-Pushing back Assassin two weeks

-Women in Engineering Conference in November

-Colburn emailed shelly about industry night

-Amalija Lisanne and Colburn get first year reps sorted out

-Julie looking into ENGR paper

-Going to get the No-name brand of ENGR paper from staples (Nikin will take care of it)

-Going to use the frosh logo for stickers

-Getting rid of cheap shirts

-Clean up Green book

-When you sell anything write it in the green book

-Only $2 refund on copy cards

-The bug needs to go back

-Bug push tarps went missing

- and send all emails to these addresses

-Skating is still TBA

-Canoe trip is a possibility

-Kienan wants to organize a pitch and putt ASAP

-Computers are back up and running

-Pub crawl date has been set for October 22

-Kegger, Sopranoís, Deep, Legendís, One

-Nursing will probably be coming out

-Maybe not as much pizza as last pub crawl

-Directories are almost done

-Girls night on Oct.16th

-Girls night will be discussed later

-Office needs cleaning; cscu is looking into getting carpets cleaned