ESS Meeting Minutes††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Oct. 13
















Maya (excused)

Sundeep (excused)


Action Items:

-EVERYONE find Amalija and Lisanne idís for the pub-crawl!!!!!

-Maya look into skating

-Amalija will organize formal, Kienan will help too

-Colburn distribute WECC money

-Colburn and Nikin plan mini wecc

-Colburn find out who we are sending to the events and then how much money

-Everyone do announcements for pub-crawl

-Julie look into business cards

-Julie order stickers soon

-Colburn modify logo

-Nikin drop off United Way cheque

-Byron get money from dean

-Colburn get money to Byron for frosh shirts

-First years find venue for formal

-First years take bug push stuff to Saunders

-Lisanne get first years contact info

-Nikin look into locking trays

-Julie make list for next fishwrap of cheap merchandise

-Maya get list of volunteers to Nikin

-Colburn put proposal in for new stereo

-Lisanne help Maya with skating

-Kienan get hard numbers for pub-crawl to Byron

-Kienan organize golf soon

-Maya JP Kelly Chris sit down together and figure out computer problems



-Lisanne and Amalija will bring treats for this next meeting

-Review schedule for upcoming events

-Skating, Maya will organize Lisanne will help

-Start planning formal soon

-Start planning Mini WECC

-Distribute WECC money

-Mech chair is going to meet with Omar and the 2A and 3B reps

-Any complaints about exams tell Omar

-Nothing from CFES/WEEST

-Get congress applications done

-Assassin postponed to Nov.1

-Colburn put proposal in for new stereo

-Going to modify mouse on logo to a chip

-Karl got his glass for helping with bug push

-Frosh tee shirt money needs to go back to Byron

-Girls night is taken care of

-Doug and Chris are the first year reps

-Julie cleaned up the transaction book

-Bug still needs to go back

-Skating will be a free event

-Pub-crawl is going to be engr only, nursing never responded

-Pub-crawl line up: Kegger, sopranos, deep, steamers, the joint, on lounge

-Only putting logo on front so shirts are only $7

-We need more communication between events and execs

-JP is our IT guy

-Going to try and get money back from chocolates