ESS Meeting Minutes†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Oct. 20
















Action Items:

-Maya Mini-WECC poster, Assassin Poster

-Everyone class announcements about mini-WECC

-Organizing Assassin for Nov. 1

-Byron pay tent people

-Amalija make up task list for formal

-First years find venue for formal

-Lisanne post first year information

-Maya put photocopier problem in fishwrap

-Maya finish up with bug push

-Nikin take care of bug push cheque

-JP fix the mailing list

-Everyone get random stuff to Maya for fishwrap

-Everyone get ideas for prizes to Sundeep

-Kienan look into dodge ball for sports tourney or golf



-Jena announced the broom pulling

-Donít leave fishwrap in classrooms after passed around

-Donít put posters on finished walls in elw

-Exam schedules are good

-Looking into improving the resumes for mamook

-Colburn looking for money for ECWIE Conference

-Colburn setting up assassin

-WEEST Fees ($0.15/each)

-Frosh Tee shirts are taken care of

-Going to clean up office because cscu is complaining

-Byron going to get money form dean

-Byron going to pay the tents

-Lisanne held girls night, it went really well

-First years are finding the venue for the formal

-Formal going to be third week in November

-Julie looked into stickers

-600 stickers costs $125

-Logo has been changed to include the chip

-500 business cards will be about $60-70

-Photocopier plastic cover will be about $375 to make

-Maya looked into skating $125 and hour including rentals for 50 people at Oak Bay

-Charge $2 to make sure that they will show up

-Possibly 2 hours for skating

-JP is going to fix the mailing list and up grade server

-JP looking into new computer

-Maya needs stuff for fishwrap early

-Exec accounts need to be cleaned up

-Events needs to communicate more

-Pub crawl is set up

-Need ideas for prizes

-Shirts are coming

-Shirts being picked up tomorrow

-Address for Kegger being posted

-Amalija and first years will clean up after Kegger

-First years take bug push stuff to Saunders soon

-Sports tourney is going to be short notice and have about a week and a half of advertisements

-Sports tourney will be golf if good weather

-Other idea for sports tourney is dodge ball