ESS Meeting Minutes†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Oct. 27 2004

















Sundeep (excused)

Colburn (excused)

Omar (excused)


Action Items:

-Omar: Make surveys for 1st and 2nd years

-Maya: Make assassin posters

-Colburn: Let Byron know how much per person it costs to send people to WIE

-Maya: Congress applications in fish wrap

-Colburn: Talk to Byron about who we send CFES and WEEST fees to (exactly)

-Colburn: Get cheque to Byron for frosh tee shirts

-Lisanne: Forward 1st year info to JP

-Nikin: Ask Kelly for mass of random keys

-Lisanne: get mass of random keys to get gauntlet running

-Lisanne: ask Wayne about gauntlet key

-Lisanne: look into interest for sopranos night

-Lisanne: talk to treva about sopranos

-Chris: Find out food music and liquor and email it to Amalija

-Nikin: call Greg about formal

-Amalija: Get event tasks list for formal

-Julie: Order fleecies within 10-15 days

-Colburn: Get stuff to Maya on time

-Everyone: Send Maya stuff for fish wrap

-Everyone: go to National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women

-Nikin: find out time for meeting of the above mentioned

-JP: Go to above mentioned meeting

-Colburn: see if there is any other fees for WEEST

-Colburn: Make task list for people who want to help with assassin

-Maya: make poster for mini wecc

-Colburn: email info about WIE to people interested

-Byron: bring treats to next meeting



-Pub crawl went awesome

-Other stream wants to look into photocopier problems

-Voting on keeping parmesan cheese at nibbles and bytes: 100% no

-No problems with the exam schedule

-1st/2nd year surveys to be conducted to see what they think of ess and what they want to see happen

-Hoping to get assassin started the week before reading break

-$550 per person from the dean for WIE

-Congress applications in the fish wrap

-Fill out an application for congress and put it in colburns box if you want to go

-We earned $94.55 on pub crawl

-Sundeep made an event summary for pub crawl

-Expense sheet for pub crawl passed around

-Byron still has to top off the easy account from agm

-Still need cheque from frosh tee shirts

-We need to find the mass of random keys

-Suggested Sopranos night: Charge five bucks; give free a couple free drinks to each person if limited to about 50 people, use excess money form pub crawl

-Loral point $250 for 64 people room with tables set up, $35 bucks for dinner per person

-Harbour towers doesnít have that much information

-Suggested blind date service for guys at formal

-Julie ordered stickers

-Julie is going to send out business cards soon

-Julie suggested engr toques going to get 24 toques

-We are out of engr sucks shirts going to order more

-New colors for engr sucks shirts

-Engineering paper, we havenít heard back form Chris and Leann

-Order fleecies within 10-15 days

-Everyone send all your stuff to Maya by Sunday for fish wrap

-JP is here so use him!

-JP talk to Art about free computer

-Hard disk clean up going well

-Keep your exec accounts clean

-We need to help out with National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women

-Meeting for this on Nov. 1

-WEEST Retreat $60 costs per delegate

-The Dean has put money aside for WEEST Retreat

-Lisanne, Amalija, Maya, Sundeep, Kienan, and Colburn want to go to WEEST

-Sherry will help with Assassin

-Mini WECC Nov 6th need poster for that

-Nikin will handle mini WECC because colburns will be at WEEST

-WIE is the 19th and 20th of November

-Colburn and Nikin go through congress applications for congress

-Byron will bring treats to next meeting