Engineering Students Society Meeting                                                      November 24






















-Sundeep (excused)


Action Items:

-Julie: do Inter Stream transfer

-Julie: get office ready for transition

-Amalija: finish up the awards

-Kienan: talk to Sundeep about music guys

-Everyone: Do class announcements for Dec.6th memorial

-Sundeep: send Maya an update up of the formal

-JP: email Maya the story of the Dec. 6th Memorial for fishwrap

-Maya: get key cut for gauntlet machine

-Byron: pay CFES

-Colburn: look in to travel plans

-Colburn: find a stream B delegates and first year delegates

-Colburn: pay congress fees

-Everyone: RSVP for the Volunteer thank you party



-Tariq informed all execs what senate is and what it does

-SCAS has noticed a rise in GPA that is higher than expected; they are looking into taking action

-SCAS is trying to level the playing field for the criteria for graduation “with distinction”

-We voted that we like the idea of a percentage range instead of a cut off GPA

-SCAS is trying to create clear qualitative indicator for specific letter grades

-SCAS is trying to stop comparative grading information on transcripts

-SCAS has concerns that encouraging faculties and academic units to develop explicit policies on grade expectations will lead to quotas, and encourage more competition

-SCAS has concerns that the course evaluations may lead to pressures for grade inflation

-SCAS wants to implement oversight procedures to discourage anomalous grading practices

-First year survey is done and sent to Maya

-Not a lot of first year interest in the events

-Events aren’t really targeted towards first years

-Julie is going to do the inter Stream transfer

-Awards are almost ready for the formal

-Dinner will be served at 8:00 pm, then awards after

-We have to be out of Harbor Towers by 12:30

-Maya will put out a fishwrap on the last week of school

-Dec. 6th memorial needs people in front of the elw to hand out ribbons

-JP is going to a meeting on Friday for the Dec.6th Memorial

-Announcements for Memorial need to be done

-Keep the office clean

-The gauntlet machine is working

-Finances are good

-EASY Accounts are going to paid off soon

-Treva will put an update for WIE in the fishwrap

-Colburn will take care of WEC and Congress travel and fees on Friday

-Junior WEC team is good to go

-ECE talk is 9am tomorrow

-Phone is for exec use no talking to friends for extensive periods of time

-Assassin needs to be hurried up

-Endowment fund meeting is tomorrow

-Results will be posted online

-Volunteer thank you will be this Sunday at Tino’s at 10 am

-The list has been sent out; if you do not RSVP you will not be on the list