Annual General Meeting

May 18, 2005


·         Meeting Commenced at 14:40 hours

·         Quorum met with 150 attendees

·         Chair:  Nikin Popat

·         Secretary: Lisanne Prince

·         Review of Robert’s Rules

·         Review of Agenda

o   Approved-no count

·         Review of the executive positions and what last semester executives accomplished

·         Accountability Sessions

·         Election of Positions:

o   Vice President External

§  Colburn nominated-declined

§  Jenny nominated-accepted

·         Tory 1st, Trent 2nd

§  Kienan nominated-accepted

·         Lenard 1st, Sundeep 2nd

§  Jenny

·         Been on the exec in the past

·         Been to conferences before

§  Kienan

·         Involved in ESS

·         Been to conferences before

§  Questions

·         Treva-How will you deal with 2 teams signed up to go to an event, then 1 dropping out?

o   Jenny

§  Get in contact with other stream and find someone to go

o   Kienan

§  Make sure that someone fills the position by keeping regular contact with people supposed to go

·         Sundeep-What would you do to be a strong presence in the ESS?

o   Kienan

§  Help out with everything, be involved, and talk to people

o   Jenny

§  Would do everything as a team, because the ESS is supposed to be a team

·         Alana-How do you plan to send more people to conferences?

o   Jenny

§  Get the 1st years involved, word of mouth, fishwrap

o   Kienan

§  Agrees with Jenny, would talk to people 1 on 1 to get people involved

·         Conrad-What is your ideal date?

o   Kienan


o   Jenny

§  With an engineer


§  Count

·         Jenny 20

·         Kienan 33

·         Abstain 0

·         Kienan Elected

o   Treasurer

§  Sundeep nominated-accepts

·         Omar 1st, Tory 2nd

§  Sundeep

·         Was Director of Events last semester

·         Worked with the treasurer a lot with events

·         Will balance budget

§  Sundeep Elected-no count

o   Director of Events

§  Jenny nominated-declined

§  Tyson nominated-accepted

·         Julie 1st, Kienan 2nd

§  Treva nominated-declined

§  Andre

·         Want to make the ESS events awesome

§  Questions

·         Treva-What is your idea of the perfect pubcrawl?

o   Tyson

§  One that we don’t get thrown out of any bars

·         Sundeep-Will you be able to meet the time commitment?

o   Tyson

§  Not taking the full Elec 2B course load this summer, so yes

·         Kienan-Do you have any problems with the current events calendar already planned out?

o   Tyson

§  No, just wants to add some events to it

§  Tyson elected-no count

o   Director of Services

§  Fred nominated-declined

§  Andre nominated-accepted

·         Julie 1st, Amalija 2nd

§  Andre

·         Will get more merchandise that the students want

·         Make sure the photocopier and other services are available

§  Questions

·         Alana-What kind of new merchandise?

o   Andre

§  Will get ideas from the students

§  Andre Elected-no count

o   Director of Communications

§  Tyler nominated-accepted

·         Julie 1st, Andre 2nd

§  Trent nominated-declined

§  Julie nominated-accepted

·         Lisanne 1st, Kienan 2nd

§  Treva nominated-declined

§  Josh nominated-accepted

·         Treva 1st, Tory 2nd

§  Tyler

·         Editor of Tubes and Wires for stream b last semester

§  Julie

·         Director of Services last semester

·         Just really wants to be the Fishwrap Editor

§  Josh

·         Don’t really want position

§  Questions

·         Mike-Tell us a joke

o   Josh

§  Pass

o   Julie

§  How many UVic Engineers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Lava Lamps don’t take light bulbs

o   Tyler

§  Why doesn’t UBC celebrate Christmas? Because they can’t find 3 wise men and a virgin

§  Count

·         Tyler 30

·         Julie 5

·         Josh 25

·         Abstain 0


§  Count

·         Tyler 35

·         Julie 3

·         Josh 26

·         Abstain 0

·         Tyler elected


·         Motion: K05-ESSA-01

     Proposed by: Stream A Executives          Seconded by:

     Whereas: The ESS-A policy manual (F04) was motioned to allocate funds to cover

     the costs of 'Iron Rings' by method of a payment plan.

    And Whereas: ESS-A should remove the motion F04-ESSA-05.

o   For                  47

o   Against          0

o   Abstentions   0

o   Passed


·         No impromptu Motions

·         Review of the Budget

o   Point: One can’t complain later if you don’t speak now

o   Why only $100 for the pubcrawl?

§  Self sufficient

§  It’s just money to get started

o   What is a promotional item?

§  Spread UVic/Promote UVic to other University’s at conferences and events

o   What about money for WECC?

§  This money gets reallocated (i.e. Pubcrawl didn’t need money so it went to formal)

§  Money carries forward or is dispersed to current events

o   Count

§  For                  29

§  Against          0

§  Abstain          2

·         Review of Calendar of Events

o   Camping trip with cost ~ $15-20 per person, with a capacity of ~40-50

o   Pubcrawl June 3 will be a true pubcrawl (no clubs)

o   Pubcrawl July 8 will be a traditional pubcrawl

o   Question: Paintball event challenging commerce?

§  Sundeep-will look into it

o   Sopranos Night will be a free event

o   Mini-WECC will be trying to get a better turn out

o   Thank-you Event-volunteers will get to go for free

o   Poker Event proposed as a new event by the Director of Events

o   Golf Tourney ~ Second week of June (maybe the 11th)

o   The Hunt will be running possibly with water guns

o   All of these events are on the ESS calendar of events posted at

·         Meeting Adjourned at 15:10 hours


Minutes Recorded by,

Lisanne Prince