May 24, 2005





Nikin Popat



Omar Ishkintana

VP Academic


Kienan Hamm

VP External


Sundeep Rana



Lisanne Prince



Tyler Price

Director of Communications


Amalija Kopac

Director of Corporate Relations


Tyson Owens

Director of Events


Andre Johnson

Director of Services


Julie Lan



Terry Bourgeois





Commenced at 2:35 pm



Tyler: Get in touch with Maya

Everyone: Send your weekly report to Nikin

Omar: talk to reco to find out if the grading policy will be on the unofficial transcripts

Kienan: post new election results

Kienan: look into setting up mini-WEC

Kienan: get a calendar done for all upcoming events

Lisanne: tell Tyler when the minutes are posted

Everyone: clean out boxes

Sundeep: activates EASY accounts

Sundeep: do inter-stream transfer

Sundeep: find out when we get our student fees

Tyler: get everyone’s email addresses active

Tyler: let Lisanne and Nikin know when the emails are active

Nikin: send Tyler documents for website

Nikin: send Tyler budget once finalized

Amalija: get in touch with C U Advertising

Amalija: write the package for Lighthouse brew

Amalija and Colburn: keep in touch with the Frosh co-chairs

Everyone: do class announcements for camping

Tyson: get the pubcrawl t-shirts ASAP!!!!

Tyson: get on advertising for pubcrawl

Nikin: talk to Sherry about the Hunt

Lisanne: get girls night sorted out

Nikin: send Andre Dos for Dummies

Andre: order photocopy toner

Andre: look into getting better merchandise




- Only treasurer can lock the office when in the office

- Meeting time schedule was handed out

- Went over key rules

- Stay in contact with exec (the link is a great way to)

- Going to try to keep meetings as short as possible

- 24 hours before meeting send Nikin an exec update

- Feel free to contact stream b if you need

- We are sharing an office with CSCU so be polite, but don’t be hesitant to check and make sure they have a key

- Use Robert’s rules at meetings

- Omar will to continue looking into getting a coop liaison

- The meetings will be held at 5:30 pm on Wednesdays

- The grading policy has been approved but not implemented

- Tyson will go to the BEng meeting with Omar tomorrow

- Preliminary exams will be posted soon, Omar will let us know

- Exec emails should be up soon

- Kienan can find out about events through the CFES link

- Lisanne and Kienan went to the Engr Associates meeting on Tuesday

- AGM minutes and directories will be done soon

- Sundeep will activate the EASY accounts

- We will be fulfilling the endowment fund after the AGM is paid

- Tyson, Sundeep, and Nikin will be getting signing authority

- Sundeep will start paying for the camping trip

- Tyler will be getting a key to office this week

- Tyler will get everyone’s email going

- Tyler will get in touch with the IT guys

- Tyler has been taking care of the website and will be updating the documents on the website

- Amalija will be working with Kienan on a contract with Lighthouse

- Amalija is in touch with the Frosh people

- Sundeep will be watching the Frosh accounting

- Camping is pretty much ready to go, tickets have already been sold

- We have to let the campsite know the day before how many people are going

- Sundeep has done a little schedule up for camping with all of the information

- Camping needs to be paid for

- Tyson contact Sherry for help with the hunt

- Pubcrawl shirts must be done ASAP

- Time is of the essence for the pubcrawl

- This pubcrawl will only have 48 people on this pubcrawl

- Poker Tourney will be discussed at next meeting

- Lisanne and Amalija will set up girl’s night

- Andre will look after office supplies

- Andre will be getting fleecies set up

- Andre will talk to Julie and Sundeep about old merchandise

- We need better merchandise, Andre look into this

- Lisanne will take care of the Order of Pi costumes in the office and get them cleaned


Adjourned at 3:51 pm

Minutes taken by:

Lisanne Prince


CC: those present