June 1, 2005





Nikin Popat



Omar Ishkintana

VP Academic


Kienan Hamm

VP External


Sundeep Rana



Lisanne Prince



Tyler Price

Director of Communications


Amalija Kopac

Director of Corporate Relations


Tyson Owens

Director of Events


Andre Johnson

Director of Services




Commenced at 1733 hours



-Nikin: change safe combo

-Sundeep: send Nikin an email from your exec account

-Nikin: talk to CSCU

-Omar: make form for Tyler for fishwrap

-Tyler: put Omar’s form in fishwrap

-Lisanne and Amalija: plan girls night

-Sundeep: pay everyone and balance EASY accounts

-Andre: get 250 cups

-Tyson: get Jell-O

-Lisanne: help Tyson make Jello-O shooters for pubcrawl

-Amalija: send Tyson bar bingo

-Andre: get more shot glasses

-Tyson: get upcoming events organized

-Tyler: talk to Kelly Stich about email server

-Lisanne: look into new contract with University Publishers in 2007

-Amalija: look into 24 hour relay

-Tyson: get the N64 games and controllers



-Updates handed out

-The safe combo will be changed today

-Talk to Nikin for the combo if you forget

-Everyone’s email account is setup

-Everyone has keys and computer access
-Nikin will talk to CSCU about the fire hazard under the window

-Tyler removed to .forward from the essa-eve account

-AGM is almost all wrapped up

-Omar has the data on the coop evaluations

-Omar has the course change info and program modifications

-Nikin has a meeting with Roel and the entire exec will volunteer to test the new resume builder

-All the rules for coop have changed

-For the next issue of fishwrap, Omar will get a form to Tyler regarding student issues

-Sundeep suggested setting up a third party focus group consisting of 5 students from each year with a catered lunch to explore the coop situation for Roel

-There is an ECE meeting next week

-Kienan sent our positions to the CFES link

-Girls night is being planned by Amalija and Lisanne

-AGM minutes are done, just being proofed

-Directories will be done soon; turnaround time will be 10 days

-EASY accounts are not balanced yet

-The Dean will pay for stickers

-Endowments fund will pay for the office camera

-Sundeep will be depositing the camping trip proceeds

-The AGM still needs to be paid off

-Tyson will get a megaphone for the pubcrawl

-Sundeep will give Tyson a rundown on how to conduct a pubcrawl

-Pubcrawl is SOLD OUT

-Tyson needs ideas for games on pubcrawl

-Tyson will get in contact with Treva for Soprano’s night

-Tyson will get in contact with Sherry for help with The Hunt

-Sports Tourney – CSCU wants to go head to head with the Engrs for dodge ball

-Tyson will look into coordinating the dodge ball tourney and pitch and putt

-Camping Trip went well – besides the singing

-Tyson needs dealers for the Poker Tourney

-All of the events need to be advertised ASAP

-Next fishwrap will be out next Thursday

-Monday night is the deadline for fishwrap

-Chris is working on the email server

-Essa is going help EWB with Habitat for Humanity

-Our contract with University Publishers runs out in 2007, CU Advertising is interested in this contract

-Amalija is putting together a team for the 24 hour relay, will go in the fishwrap

-Andre is getting Fleece’s organized

-Foosball is all good

-Andre will call canon about the photocopy error

-Tyson may have the new games for N64 and controllers

-Andre is scanning all of the exams

-Andre will talk to Sundeep before changing any of the prices

-Nikin and Andre have to clean out mail boxes


Adjourned at 1829 hours

Minutes taken by:

Lisanne Prince


CC: those present