June 8, 2005





Nikin Popat



Omar Ishkintana

VP Academic


Kienan Hamm

VP External


Sundeep Rana



Lisanne Prince



Tyler Price

Director of Communications


Amalija Kopac

Director of Corporate Relations


Tyson Owens

Director of Events


Andre Johnson

Director of Services


Sherry Dhillon



Terry Bourgeois





Commenced at 1310 hours



-Nikin and Omar: make a agenda for the coop meeting

-Kienan: email Omar if you can make the discussed meeting

-Everyone: do a write up for your position, due for next fishwrap

-Kienan: make an events calendar

-Everyone: send your fishwrap articles on time  

-Nikin: do the prez email weekly

-Amalija: look into CU contract

-Amalija: look into mustard seed ad

-Lisanne: look into University Publishers contract

-Everyone: make your announcements for the poker tourney and the Hunt

-Tyson: advertise events by writing in chalk on the pavement in front of the ELW

-Lisanne: organize girls night

-Andre: put ad for merchandise in fishwrap

-Andre: check paper and toner



-Everyone send your updates to Nikin

-Nikin met with Roel, there is a big concern with the engineering coop program

-Nikin will conduct a meeting with engineering students and possibly one coop advisor

-Tyson suggested that the available coop resources be explained in engr 020

-Nikin will be attending the UVSS meeting

-Product Nova will be addressed at the UVSS meeting

-Omar attended a Faculty of Engineering meeting yesterday

-The new building is dedicated to the CSC so the ELW and EOW will get rearranged

-There will be ample amounts of office room so we may propose asking for an additional office for execs

-There was no discussion about the study space in ELW

-Teacher evaluation tasks force was discussed at the Faculty meeting as well

-The details of this meeting will be included in the next fishwrap

-Omar now has new stats on the coop results for this spring

-The exam schedule is not up yet

-There will be awards will presented in the ELW tomorrow

-On June 30th the dean will be making an announcement to the undergrad student body

-Kienan will look into travel funding

-The pubcrawl prizes have been taken care of

-The ess website is protected from google so the online directories are protected

-Lisanne will get a new plant and “take care” of the old one

-The new directories are being printed currently; the new cover design will not be used

-The AGM minutes are done and posted

-Nikin will send Sundeep and Tyson an electronic copy of the budget

-The AGM still needs to be paid

-Fishwrap is done; execs need to submit their articles on time!!!

-The mailing link has been updated

-Tyler will set the permissions on the exec accounts after the meeting

-Tyler will look into the EWB Habitat for Humanity

-Amalija is looking into the CU Advertising contract

-Lisanne will look into the University Publishers contract

-Amalija will look into the advertisement on the mustard seed flyer

-The pubcrawl went slightly over budget but not over the subsidization money

-Diego’s is not happy with us, because everyone went to the Fox not Diego’s

-The poker tourney and the Hunt needs to be announced ASAP

-Poker will be a cash game at Tyson’s place

-Girls night and Sopranos night will be separate

-Girls night will be held on July 16, 2005

-The free event vote: BBQ 6

Breakfast 1

Abstain 2

-The free event will be a BBQ instead of Sopranos

-The sports tourney will be paint ball

-Fleece order forms are out

-Terry and Tyson donated some N64 games

-There is an exec copy card in the cash box only keep $10 on it

-The carpets were cleaned this morning


Adjourned at 1444 hours

Minutes taken by:

Lisanne Prince


CC: those present