January 18, 2006





Tyson Owens



Lisanne Prince

VP Academic


Amalija Kopac

VP External


Sundeep Rana



Michelle Stephenson



Tyler Price

Director of Communications


Kienan Hamm

Director of Corporate Relations


Julie Lan

Director of Events


Andre Johnson

Director of Services


Nikin Popat



Jason Coburn



Navjeet Tiwana





Commenced at 1655 hours



-Everyone: Send Tyson an email to get the safe password

-Tyler: Fix the Pi email account

-Tyson: Talk to Dean about WEC

-Amalija: Organize selection committee for WEC

-Lisanne; attend all meetings for order of pi

-Lisanne email Dean to say we donít like idea of moving the office

-get ride of keg table and beer banner

-Everyone: make class announcements for every event

Julie going to look into contract with a bar to hold (annual) event

-Everyone: Class announcements for soccer sign-up

-Lisanne: talk to faculty about dodgeball team

-Sundeep and Julie create cost ideas for dodgeball

-Sundeep: Buy camera

-Julie: contact Darcyís dis-o

-Tyson get schedule for Amalija

-Amalija and Kienan plan Industry night-Shelly Bruins

-Lisanne and Andre decide on logo

-Lisanne talk to art student for logo

-Andre contact stream B and deal with merchandise

-Everyone give out directories and have back by next Wednesday

-Michelle get directories and type up in office hours

-Michelle email Sally Graham about directories

-Michelle make ess contact list

-Michelle change names on cork board

-Everyone clean office




-Transition has been done with the changing exec

-Make sure that you check people with keys are supposed to have keys

-Grad will have 4 or 5 people with access to a key

-Office hours will be effective tomorrow, the sign up will going around

-Make sure you show up for your office hours, if you canít make it arrange for someone else to be there

-We will be using Roberts Rules for all meetings

-Use the transaction book properly, if you have questions ask Sundeep

-Safe password will be changed, to get the new password email Tyson

-Your engr account password will be your password for your exec account

-UVic will be hosting WEC 2008 (January)

-Stream B will be co-chairing WEC with us

-Amalija will oversee the applications for WEC chair stream A

-All of the positions will be appointed by the chair

-Amalija will be organizing a selection committee and conducting interviews with all applicants

-Applications will go out ASAP

-Lisanne is organizing order of pi

-CFES trying to make nationalized order of pi, can-traption

-Dean wants to see summer charity event-not necessarily big fundraiser

-Stream A set up summer charity event for Stream b to run

-Event/Charity Ideas: -pancake breakfast

††††††††††††††††††††††† -head shave

††††††††††††††††††††††† -poker tournament

††††††††††††††††††††††† -loonie-line

††††††††††††††††††††††† -Genius bowl- trivia contest held at pub

††††††††††††††††††††††† -blood drive

††††††††††††††††††††††† -pumpkin drop

-Get a new logo; eliminate old logos, logo contest in fishwrap, one color and simple

-Engineers could do an April fools day joke.

-Congress in Montreal next year

-New form for bug push: 24 hours of bug push?

-E.S.S. office getting moved? Maybe to office near grad offices, Lisanne is receiving emails with more information

-Target (young) Profs for backup if we get moved, start a petition. Wait for confirmation

-Dean wants to see more charity events and avoid too many drinking events

-Conduct our Student Society professionally and keep office clean and alcohol-free

-Hold more dry events; no drinking in the office

-Let the Dean know that we are changing our image, formal presentation?

-Bruce Winters will be attending a meeting to introduce himself; he wants to attend our meetings

-Minors getting served alcohol at A.G.M., we will have to start checking I.D., concern about too much beer

-2 tables at A.G.M., one for checking I.D. and one for beer selling

-Julie creates a little speech for the class announcements

-Sponsorship/contract from more than only liquor companies

-Directories/Agendas: info from Profs and info on events, annual events and keeping them annual

-Look into cost estimate for agenda/directories; get more money

-3rd weekend in December: annual meeting for west.

-Ski Trip cancelled; lack of interest. Next time choose a day for external ski-trip; partially fund lift tickets?

-Vote:to have ski trip.3 votes yes, 4 votes no, 3 abstain

-Soccer teams for intramurals, free, need more girls

-Dodgeball at YMCA downtown, no teams yet, teams assigned there? Possible faculty team

-$2 for stream A engineers, Stream B pay $4

-Money away each semester for new office furniture and equipment?

-DIS-O Where? When?

-Pub-crawl will be Mar. 3 2006

-Dodgeball will be held on Feb. 11, 2006

-Grad will be doing financial transactions through the ESS EASY accounts; Sundeep will be keeping track of ALL grad transactions

-Grad Pub Crawl: January 27 everyone welcome

-Each person will be assigned quadrant of office to clean and keep clean

-Keep in touch with Stream B,

-Associates meeting/lunch

-Money going into fund for ess purchases

-$250 going to engineering Hockey team.

-Event next Friday regardless of underage allowance or not.

-Tyson will rewrite policy manual once given information

-new merchandise coming in: lanyards, tattoos, keychain

-Articles for fishwrap in by meeting prior to issue.

-Unanimous vote to reformat ESS3.



Adjourned at 1945 hours

Minutes taken by:


Michelle Stephenson


CC: those present