February 1, 2006





Tyson Owens



Lisanne Prince

VP Academic


Amalija Kopac

VP External


Sundeep Rana



Michelle Stephenson



Tyler Price

Director of Communications


Kienan Hamm

Director of Corporate Relations


Julie Lan

Director of Events


Andre Johnson

Director of Services




Commenced at 17:03




Lisanne- talk to Kienan about order of pi

Lisanne- talk to Tyson about costumes for pi,

Everyone-send updates by Tuesday

Tyson- send Sundeep link for UBC commerce thing

Tyson- spam the link re: cutting locks

Everyone- make class announcement about lock cutting

Amalija- talk to Eamon about engineering song ad info for directories

Michelle-start organizing the hunt

Tyson- talk to Nikin and Omar re: office

Tyson: Find out from Nikin and Omar about what was done in the past about office being relocated

Tyson: Spam the link and start petition

Sundeep: Send Tyler AGM motions

Everyone: donít use ESS3

Lisanne- send Tyler Articles for fish-wrap

Everyone- make class announcement about blood drive

Lisanne- send everyone email about what we are supposed to say about blood drive

Amalija and Lisanne make class announcements for WEC co-chair

Amalija- industry night, talk to Shelley Bruins

Michelle-get tablecloths for keg-table

Kienan- bring copy of accomplishment report to next meeting

Tyler- email Andre fleece order form

Sundeep: give out directories, back to me by Wed

Kienan: give Michelle eng club book

Amalija: give out directories in mech classes back to me asap

Lisanne: give out directories in elec classes back to me asap





-agenda ideas are being formulated, input required next week

-safe has new password

-Race-rocks ale and lighthouse lager poster should stay up or get put in storage

-office looks good, if it stops looking good the poster will go up

-UBC really wants to do dust-it (after pub crawl but before end of term)

-UBC commerce thing- let them know if you want to go asap

-A date needs to be set for an endowment fund

-Dean wants to see more advertising for non-drinking events

-Dean also wants to see more charity events

-Car wash this summer? Give Stream B suggestions for

-The hunt will probably happen this term

-posters need to be made for blood drive

-ESS3 still offline, donít use it

-we currently do not have any access to give print credit

-there may be 2 new volunteers for fish-wrap

-Lisanne talked to commerce and cscu about blood drive

-Girls night march 18, 6:30-10:00, how much money? Should we sell $2 tickets? $100 if we get 20 people

-Hockey and highlights went very well, $56 under-budget

-posters being made for dodge ball on Friday

-Can we get lots of first year teams?

-Dodge-ball 7pm at YMCA, $5 per person, 6 people per team, good prizes, one girl per team or one guy in drag

-Application forms with option of exec or co-chair

-Paintball happening later, the one happening this weekend is not ESS related

-Grad money had been deposited

-Report to inform dean being written to inform the dean of events going on outside the ESS

-VPX will write accomplishment report

-Fleeces- last date to order is march 2nd

-It is your responsibility to fill the paper for the photocopier



Adjourned at 18:00

Minutes taken by:


Michelle Stephenson


CC: those present