May 29, 2007




Kienan Hamm



Sean Walsh

VP Academic


Mike Waters

VP External


Don Milner

VP Finance


Karl Fort



Jonathan Chang

Director of Communications


Reston Nash

Director of Corp. Relations


Michelle Stephenson

Director of Events


Janel Willms

Director of Services



Commenced at 1800 hours


1.0             General

1.1             Old Business

1.1.1                      Transition

·      New Key/Deposit Setup – Pay $20 deposit and fill in form that will be held in safe if you haven’t done so already.

·      New office access – Keycard. Sean needs one, Mikes is broken.

·      Position turnover – Everyone swapped over? Yes.

·      Stream B swap – find out when it was last done

·      Office hours – Posted on door, Talk to Karl if you want to change them


1.2             New Business


2.0          President

2.1        Old Business


2.2        New Business

1.2.2                      Surf trip ticket sales

·      All sold out.

·      E-mail everyone going to let them know who they are riding with.

·      Individuals are responsible for coordinating with the people they are riding with.

2.2.2                    Safe password change

·      Password is changed. Kyle Hohman’s embezzlement plans are foiled.

3.0             Vice President External

3.1             Old Business

1.3.1                      Engr associate’s meeting

·      Was missed due to scheduling conflict.

·      In future find someone else to go in Mike’s place.

·      Janel, Michelle volunteered.

·      Held over lunch once a month. 


3.2             New Business

1.3.2                      New Exec list to WESST/CFES links

2.3.2                      Mini-WEC

·      Mike wants to do senior design project, so some else has to step up and organize it. Possibly Jason


4.0             Vice President Finance

4.1             Old Business

1.4.1                      Summer 2007 budget

2.4.1                      Current status of all accounts

·      Still waiting on final numbers

3.4.1                      Reimbursement cheques

·      Cheque given to Jason

4.4.1                      Signing authority

·      Taken care of 

4.2             New Business


5.0             Vice President Academic

5.1             Old Business 


5.2             New Business 

1.5.2                      Coop

·      Meeting with new coop coordinator

·      Wants student representative at semi-annual UVic coop meetings – possibly one this summer

·      Try to get minutes from previous meetings

2.5.2                      ECE meeting

·      Mike Friar attended.

·      Highlights: Elec 216 no longer a requirement for Elec 260

·      Need an ECE student to sit in on future meetings

3.5.2                      Dr. Dimopolous

·      Wants 15-20 ECE students to meet with external consultants Friday 11:30-12:30

·      This time is bad. Can it be changed?


6.0             Director of Communications

6.1             Old Business

1.6.1                      Website

·      Exec update – Some kind of humorous biographies to go with pictures?

·      Exec pictures all acquired.

·      Confirmation on calendar of events – Skim jam is confirmed, dodgeball moved to Thursday june 28.

·      Need people to hand out fishwraps to 4th years

·      Can we get a better version of APEGBC ad?


6.2             New Business

1.6.2                      Next Fishwrap

·      Week after week after surf trip

·      Get articles in the Friday after the Tofino trip.

·      Girl’s night pictures - Michelle

·      Surfing Pictures and article – Reston


7.0             Director of Services

7.1             Old Business

1.7.1                      Paper

·      We have lots now.

·      It is in paper cabinet outside our office door.

2.7.1                      Stream B buyout

·      Figure out a new system.

·      Do inventory of sellable merchandise – eg. No old pubcrawl shirts

·      Bug Push shirts are merchandise.

·      Keep everything where it is in display cabinet.

·      Could hockey team use old tight and bright shirts?

·      We have lots of ugly lanyards.


7.2             New Business

1.7.2                      New Merchandise

·      Get more things like shot glasses, beer glasses, flasks.

·      Logo – Awesome Viking hard hat logo.

·      We can’t use “UVic” on our merchandise

2.7.2                      Printer ink

·      Order more.

3.7.2                      Microwave

·      Michelle brought a new one for lobby.

4.7.2                      Jackets/Fleeces

·      Find out how to order them, make order forms for both.

·      Order extra department badges.

5.7.2                      Encoder card

·      New one should be here in two weeks. Until then we won’t be able to fill photocopy cards.

6.7.2                      Other

·      Get rings for binding machine. 


8.0             Director of Corporate Relations

8.1             Old Business

1.8.1                      Make a Summer Plan.

8.2             New Business

1.8.2                      Make a plan involving setting up a summer charity.


9.0             Director of Events

9.1             Old Business

1.9.1                      Girl’s Night

·      Glasses can be picked up in office by phone.


9.2             New Business

1.9.2                      Pub crawl planning

·      Derilict theme

·      Shirts will be grey with trash can on front and back with assorted trash.

·      Capes and Viking helmets would have been cool too.

2.9.2                      Summer sports rep duties

·      Organize and keep track of sports teams.

·      We have one!


10.0         Secretary

10.1         Old Business

1.10.1                  Post minutes to web

·      Need to figure out how

2.10.1                  Make contact list

·      Haven’t had time yet 


10.2         New Business

1.10.2                  Experience UVic

·      Was a success, Michelle and Karl answered highschool kid’s questions for a few hours

2.10.2                  Mailboxes

·      Execs – clean out old stuff and put in top filing cabinet

3.10.2                  Filing cabinets

·      Need to buy rails to support folders


Adjourned at 1900 hours

Minutes taken by:

Karl Fort


CC: those present