June 5, 2007




Kienan Hamm



Sean Walsh

VP Academic


Mike Waters

VP External


Don Milner

VP Finance


Karl Fort



Jonathan Chang

Director of Communications


Reston Nash

Director of Corp. Relations


Michelle Stephenson

Director of Events


Janel Willms

Director of Services



Commenced at 1800 hours


1.0             General

1.1             Old Business

1.2             New Business

1.2.1                      Coop Calendar

·      Coop asked for picture of execs to put in calendar

·      Reston, take care of it


2.0             President

2.1             Old Business

2.1.1                      Surf Trip

·      Was awesome.

·      Cost $200.

2.2             New Business

2.2.1                      Permanent Meeting Room

·      Meetings will now be held in EOW 230 at 6:00PM on Tuesdays.

2.2.2                      Sub Org Funding

·      Send out emails asking for proposals from Aero, AUVic, FSAE, Engineers Without Borders, and Go West.


3.0             Vice President External

3.1             Old Business

3.1.1                      New Exec list to WESST/CFES links

3.1.2                      Mini WEC

·      Is on the go.

·      Will - Running senior design project, helped by Sean.

·      Reston – Running junior design project.

·      Ultimately WEC is Mike’s job.

3.2             New Business

3.2.1                      Bug Push transition document

·      Mike is working on this.


4.0             Vice President Finance

4.1             Old Business

4.2             New Business

4.2.1                      Surfing driver reimbursement cheques


5.0             Vice President Academic

5.1             Old Business

5.1.1                      UVic Coop Meetings

·      Sean - find out when next one is.

·      Get minutes from previous meetings.

5.1.2                      ECE Meetings

·      Need permanent ECE student rep to attend.

·      Meetings Mondays, monthly, next one is June 25 in EOW 240 from 2:30 till 4:30.

·      Janel will attend.

5.1.3                      Dr. Dimopolous

·      Pleased, meeting with consultants had good student turnout.

5.2             New Business

5.2.1                      Meetings

5.2.2                      Bug Push

5.2.3                      Lego


6.0             Director of Communications

6.1             Old Business

6.1.1                      Website

·      Pictures?

6.1.2                      Fishwrap Distribution

·      Take from pile on cabinet outside of office and distribute in class.

·      Keenan hand out to 4th year Mechs.

·      Email Lisanne and Tyson to see if they can distribute to 4th year Elecs.

·      Karl can hand out to some 4th year Elecs and Seng students.

6.1.3                      APEG Ad

·      Is fine.

6.2             New Business

6.2.1                      Fishwrap Distribution

·      Take from pile on cabinet outside of office and distribute in class.

·      Keenan hand out to 4th year Mechs.

·      Email Lisanne and Tyson to see if they can distribute to 4th year Elecs.

·      Karl can hand out to some 4th year Elecs and Seng students.

6.2.2                      Cash Card?

·      Need approximately $20 photocopy card for printing Fishwrap.

·      Keenan and Janel provided cards.

6.2.3                      Fishwrap Content

·      Jacket/Fleece ad from Janel.

·      Tofino Article – Reston will write.

·      Softball and  pub crawl article – Michelle.

·      Sean’s Article – save for when needed.

·      Articles for upcoming events.

·      Interviews of new execs – Karl will do this.

·      Keep articles to one page or less.

·      Get articles in by midnight the Thursday before fishwrap comes out or Jon will hunt you down.


7.0             Director of Services

7.1             Old Business

7.1.1                      Stream B buy out

·      Talk to Andre about how it is done

·      If Andre doesn’t know talk to Jason Heinrich

7.1.2                      Printer Ink – desperately needed

7.1.3                      Jackets

·      Make up order forms.

7.1.4                      Encoder Card

·      Will hopefully be here next week.

7.2             New Business

7.2.1                      Things to buy:

·      New Stapler - Get one big expensive one for office, one cheap one to chain outside office.

·      Stamps

·      AA batteries for safe

·      Binding rings

·      Foosball lube – Silicon spray on lube

7.2.2                      Don’t bother cutting locks, as we have tons of empty lockers.


8.0             Director of Corporate Relations

8.1             Old Business

8.1.1                      Summer Plan

·      Make one up.

8.1.2                      Transition

·      Do this NOW.

8.2             New Business

8.2.1                      Sponsorship Package

·      Make one?

8.2.2                      Go on Prize Patrol for charity event

·      Go around to restaurants etc to get sponsorships in form of gift cards, etc.

8.2.3                      Fishwrap Article

·      Write about Tofino trip, no pictures of drinking, include bear eating food.

8.2.4                      Charity Event

·      Something like a bar night – percentage of drink proceeds goes to charity.


9.0             Director of Events

9.1             Old Business

9.1.1                      Girl’s Night

·      Michelle will deliver glasses to girls in class, as girls seem to be too afraid to enter our office to get them.

9.2             New Business

9.2.1                      Announcements

·      Watch for emails detailing what everyone should be announcing in class.

9.2.2                      Money collection for soccer shirts

·      Anyone who hasn’t paid – put $10 in envelope in safe, write on envelope who has paid.

9.2.3                      Thrifty’s smile cards

·      Try to get Thrifty’s gift cards for Mini WEC and Skim Jam

·      Apply through Erika

9.2.4                      Softball Tourney

·      Sean got email about softball tournament.

·      It is during midterms.

·      Chris the sports rep will deal with it.

9.2.5                      Pubcrawl!

·      New Theme – EnG-Unit

·      Front of shirts – right hand rule representin’

·      Back of shirts – EnG-Unit

·      Make shirts white lettering on black shirts

·      $20 tickets


10.0         Secretary

10.1         Old Business

10.1.1                  How to put minutes on website?

·      Victoria and Lisanne don’t know how.

·      Talk to Jon.

·      Stream B way – Secretary has account on winch. In this account is a directory called www. In www is a folder called minutes. In this folder are all the html files for old minutes and an index page. Secretary could stick new minutes html file in this folder, modify the index.html, and all would be good.

10.2         New Business

10.2.1                  Endowment Fund money

·      Bug Jason – We want a camera and scanner.

10.2.2                  Office

·      Make it look pretty – Put up old t-shirts?


Adjourned at 1900 hours

Minutes taken by:

Karl Fort


CC: those present