June 12, 2007




Kienan Hamm



Sean Walsh

VP Academic


Mike Waters

VP External


Don Milner

VP Finance


Karl Fort



Jonathan Chang

Director of Communications


Reston Nash

Director of Corp. Relations


Michelle Stephenson

Director of Events


Janel Willms

Director of Services



Commenced at 1800 hours


1                    General

1.1               Old Business

1.2               New Business

·                     Collect money for soccer shirts and put in envelope in safe

·                     Sell pub crawl tickets during office hours

·                     Make class announcements for softball and pubcrawl

·                     Ask everyone you know if we can start a pubcrawl in their backyard


2                    President

2.1               Old Business

2.2               New Business

2.2.1          Sub-org funding

·                     Aero, Engineers without borders have applied already

·                     Expecting applications from AUVic and FSAE

·                     Haven’t heard from Go West – If you know someone working there bug them to submit an application for funding.


3                    Vice President External

3.1               Old Business

3.2               New Business


4                    Vice President Finance

4.1               Old Business

4.1.1          Finances

·                     Looking good

4.1.2          Surf trip

·                     Ended up costing us $123

4.2               New Business


5                    Vice President Academic

5.1               Old Business

5.2               New Business


6                    Director of Communications

6.1               Old Business

6.1.1          Website

·                     Executive page updated

·                     Rough Calendar of events posted

·                     Working on getting access for Karl to post minutes

·                     Talking to Chris Mueller to sort this problem out

6.1.2          Fishwrap

·                     Fishwrap number 3 has been published

·                     People liked it

6.2               New Business

6.2.1          Website

·                     Still minor updates to do


7                    Director of Services

7.1               Old Business

7.1.1          Inventory

·                     All done and looks pretty

7.1.2          Office supplies

·                     Will order tonight

·                     Should be here tomorrow

·                     Do we want an $80 stapler? YES

·                     Printer ink is also in order

·                     Don’t order stamps, Sean is doing that

·                     Buy batteries for safe as well

·                     Order binding rings

7.1.3          Encoder Card

·                     Where is it?

·                     Will cal ITC again and enquire

·                     Haven’t gotten foos lube yet

·                     No problem, we have two cans in big grey cabinet.

7.2               New Business


8                    Director of Corporate Relations

8.1               Old Business

·                     Everything is up to date now

·                     Took care of Coop calendar thing

·                     Comics?

8.2               New Business

·                     Will not be attending the meeting on the 19th

·                     Change your e-mail settings, it looks like emails sent from you are coming from Sean.

·                     Talk to businesses this week to try and get sponsorship, especially for dodgeball on the 28th


9                    Director of Events

9.1               Old Business

9.1.1          Thrifty’s Money

·                     Got gift certificates

9.1.2          Softball team

·                     Is next Sunday (father’s day)

·                     Try to get people to come out and play

·                     Make class announcements

9.1.3          Charity Event

·                     Has been making downtown contacts

9.2               New Business

9.2.1          Pub Crawl!

·                     Working on designing t-shirts

·                     Booking the bars

·                     Booking the busses

·                     Looking into handing out prizes on the bus

·                     Start selling tickets this week

9.2.2          Class Announcements

·                     Announce softball and pub crawl

·                     Look for emails from Michelle on what to announce in class

9.2.3          Sports Rep

·                     Try to get Chris to come to our meetings


10                Secretary

10.1            Old Business

10.1.1      Put Minutes on Website

·                     Jon has set up a temporary solution

10.1.2      Display T-shirts on wall

·                     Will do when have time and lots of cardboard

·                     Needed to buy pins from dollar store

10.2            New Business

10.2.1      Rails for Filing Cabinet

·                     Need 1/2” by 1/8” by 26.5” steel flat stock

·                     Checked home depot, they had none

·                     Don says he might know where to find some

·                     Work on getting scanner and camera from endowment fund


Adjourned at 1900 hours

Minutes taken by: Karl Fort - Secretary