June 19, 2007




Kienan Hamm



Sean Walsh

VP Academic


Mike Waters

VP External

Left Early

Don Milner

VP Finance


Karl Fort



Jonathan Chang

Director of Communications


Reston Nash

Director of Corp. Relations


Michelle Stephenson

Director of Events


Janel Willms

Director of Services


Ali Taleb

Aero Representative



Commenced at 1800 hours


1                    General

1.1               Old Business

1.2               New Business


2                    President

2.1               Old Business

2.2               New Business

2.2.1          Sub-org funding requests

·                     Aero, AUVic, FSAE, Engineers without borders, Science Venture all submitted proposals

·                     Total Money available: $2500

·                     Aero representative Ali presented his group’s proposal and explained that the router table is available to all Engineering teams, then left.

·                     Proposed distribution of funds:

*                                Go West - $0

*                                E.W.B - $250

*                                Aero Router Table - $450

*                                AUVic - $600

*                                Aero - $600

*                                FSAE - $600

·                     Vote: 8 in favour, 0 opposed. Money will be distributed as above.


3                    Vice President External

3.1               Old Business

3.1.1          Email new exec list to WESST/CFES Links

·                     Not done

3.1.2          Mini WEC

·                     Not done


3.2               New Business


4                    Vice President Finance

4.1               Old Business

4.1.1          Steel stock for filing cabinets

·                     Only ¾” found

·                     But enough to make 3 26.5” pieces, we can trim the ends down to ½”

4.2               New Business

4.2.1          Cheques

·                     Received lots of new cheques

4.2.2          Reimbursement

·                     Use the reimbursement forms in Don’s Mailbox

4.2.3          Transaction Booklet

·                     By Phone in black binder

·                     Use it to record any money coming in or going out, other than money for events


5                    Vice President Academic

5.1               Old Business

5.1.1          UVic Coop Meeting

·                     Next one will be around the end of October

5.2               New Business

5.2.1          Bug Push Documents

·                     Everyone send Sean what they did for Bug Push

5.2.2          ENGR associates meetings

·                     When are they? Haven’t gotten any emails saying when. Talk to mike, perhaps he has received emails.

·                     Michelle would like to go to the next one


6                    Director of Communications

6.1               Old Business

6.1.1          Forth year Fishwrap distribution

·                     Current system is working fine

6.2               New Business

6.2.1          Next Fishwrap Edition

·                     No photocopy card with money on it

·                     Dig through pile, perhaps some can be found with money.

·                     Edition MUST come out next week


7                    Director of Services

7.1               Old Business

7.1.1          Stream B buyout

7.1.2          Photocopy Cash card

·                     Phone Richard at ITC systems

7.1.3          New office stuff

·                     Has arrived and is installed

·                     Note on expensive stapler: it only takes big staples and is only for stapling large documents

·                     Use label maker to put its use instructions on it

7.2               New Business

7.2.1          Colourful Paper

·                     Karl has some and will bring it in


8                    Director of Corporate Relations

8.1.1          Absent


9                    Director of Events/Sports Rep

9.1               Old Business

9.1.1          Money for Soccer t-shirts

·                     Collect and put in envelope in safe

9.1.2          Softball team

·                     Event Cancelled

9.2               New Business

9.2.1          Pub Crawl

·                     Tickets almost all sold out

·                     Increase number of tickets to 100? Yes - Unanimous

·                     Shirts – Done and awesome

·                     Bars – Kegger, Sopranoes, Fox, Boom Boom, Legends

·                     Busses – Booked

9.2.2          Dodgeball

·                     Will be Thursday next week

·                     Advertise by word of mouth

9.2.3          Class Announcements

·                     Announce pub crawl and Dodgeball


10                Secretary

10.1            Old Business

10.1.1      Endowment Fund

·                     Has been figured out: buy things with personal credit card, bring in receipt to George, will be reimbursed

·                     Money might come out of ESS funds and then endowment funds

10.1.2      Website minutes

·                     Are working fine now

10.1.3      Photo copy card

·                     Got call from ITC systems, they haven’t sent us a new card because they need an official purchase order

·                     Karl ran around finding out things and seems to have sorted that out

·                     Janel call and make sure the card is on its way.

10.2            New Business

10.2.1      Missing Meeting Minutes

·                     Have been digging through secretary email account trying to find them

·                     Email Victoria

10.2.2      Camera

·                     Two options: Casio or Canon

·                     Vote: Casio: 2 Canon: 4 Abstain: 1 (Janel)

·                     Karl will buy the Canon Camera and a memory card before the pub crawl.


Adjourned at 1900 hours

Minutes taken by: Karl Fort - Secretary