June 26, 2007




Kienan Hamm



Sean Walsh

VP Academic


Mike Waters

VP External


Don Milner

VP Finance


Karl Fort



Jonathan Chang

Director of Communications


Reston Nash

Director of Corp. Relations


Michelle Stephenson

Director of Events


Janel Willms

Director of Services



Commenced at 1810 hours


1                    President

1.1               Old Business

1.1.1          Sub-org funding

·                     Sub-orgs have been notified of the funding they are receiving

·                     Engineers without borders should be in contact with us

1.1.2          07/08 Agendas

·                     Jason needs help with formatting. Let him know if you can help out

·                     They need to be done by Friday

1.2               New Business


2                    Vice President External

2.1               Old Business

2.1.1          Exec list to WESST/CFES links

·                     Not done yet

·                     Just give them our names and exec emails

2.1.2          Mini WEC

·                     Victoria is hoping that we will have teams in all 6 divisions at WECC, funding permitting

·                     This means getting as many people to come out to mini WEC and compete in as many events as possible.

·                     We need to start advertising mini WEC, on website, fishwrap, and in class announcements

·                     Mike send Jon info on mini WEC to put on website/in advertising in fishwrap

·                     Tell people what it is, how fun it is, and how it can help them

·                     It is being held the weekend after reading break

2.2               New Business

2.2.1          UVSS Funding

·                     We potentially have access to a $15000 fund set aside for course unions

·                     If we need money for something such as a fundraising event we need to put in a proposal to the course union council

·                     Perhaps a proposal for a desperately needed new computer

·                     There is also $5000 in a travel subsidy fund that we can apply for

·                     UVSS should be giving money to Engineers without borders


3                    Vice President Finance

3.1               Old Business

3.2               New Business

3.2.1          Needs to write reimbursement cheques

3.2.2          Needs to be aware that money for camera and scanner may come out of ESS funds before endowment fund


4                    Vice President Academic

4.1               Old Business

4.1.1          Bugpush Documents

·                     People who haven’t submitted their documents need to do so NOW

·                     Lisanne and Tyson should have documents to submit

4.2               New Business

4.2.1          Engr Associate’s meeting

·                     Went, had good time

·                     Talked about marking Coop reports

·                     Engr associates take marking very seriously

4.2.2          Credit for job well done

·                     Mechs had potentially hellish week after reading break

·                     Sean sorted things out, was able to convince professors to alter due dates and test times to make things easier on mechs.

4.2.3          Final Exam Schedule

·                     Schedule is out, looks good

·                     Sean and others would like to be emailed when this comes out, like a mailing list

·                     There seems to be a very short period between when the tentative exam schedule is out and when the schedule is finalized, leaving little time to argue for change, and with such a small window people need to know exactly when schedules come out.



5                    Director of Communications

5.1               Old Business

5.1.1          Fishwrap

·                     Is out, is good

5.1.2          Website Update

·                     Web site is up to date

5.2               New Business

5.2.1          Update website with upcoming events

·                     Michelle provide udpdated calendar of events

·                     Start advertising engineering barrel appreciation day on website


6                    Director of Services

6.1               Old Business

6.1.1          Stream B buyout

·                     Bug Don about this issue

6.1.2          Photocopy cash card

·                     Shipped on June 21st, should be here any day.

6.1.3          Rails for filing cabinet

·                     No Don, so no idea on the status of rails.

6.1.4          Curriculum meeting

·                     There will be a bio-medical option starting next year

·                     Elec 216 no longer a pre-req for 260, but 250 is now a co-req

·                     Give a list of changes to Jon so he can stick them in fishwrap, this kind of information needs to be passed on to students

6.2               New Business

6.2.1          ECE Meeting

·                     Going to ECE meeting on Friday

6.2.2          Exam Database

·                     Start scanning new exams and putting them online

·                     See what can be found of

·                     Try to get midterms from classes this semester

·                     It is one of our services to provide an up to date exam database, so this MUST be done

·                     Talk to Jon about putting them on the website

·                     Once something is scanned and on the website write “Scanned and Uploaded” on it and put it in the filing cabinet


7                    Director of Corporate Relations

7.1               Old Business

7.1.1          Summer Plan

7.1.2          Sponsorship Package for fundraisers

·                     Has been researching companies to give last year’s sponsorship package to

·                     Sean, Reston – Collaborate on fundraising

7.2               New Business

7.2.1          Mini WEC


8                    Director of Events/Sports Rep

8.1               Old Business

8.1.1          Pub Crawl

·                     Cost approximately $115

·                     Make up detailed budget for presentation at next meeting

8.2               New Business

8.2.1          Dodgeball

·                     Hasn’t been able to contact the person in charge of renting out gym

·                     Dodgeball is only 2 days away

·                     We only have 2 teams

·                     Let’s move dodgeball to the following Thursday or Friday from 7 till 9

·                     Get a team signup sheet going

8.2.2          Skim Jam

·                     Old date would not work with tides or sponsors

·                     New Date possibilities: 20th or 21st

·                     Move to 20th, a Friday, as people can come down after classes

8.2.3          Kegger

·                     We have no place to host it

·                     Perhaps Tysons place?

·                     If it is to be held on the 6th we must start selling tickets now


9                    Secretary

9.1               Old Business

9.1.1          Old minutes to website

·                     Victoria is getting them, she is having computer problems but should have them to Karl by the weekend

9.1.2          Filing Cabinet Rails

·                     Still waiting on Don

9.2               New Business

9.2.1          Administrative privileges for ESS computer

·                     Would like to update programs, clean up system but need Admin privileges

·                     Jon can get those for Karl

9.2.2          Money swap for camera/scanner reimbursement

·                     Money might come out of ESS funds then endowment fund so Don keep an eye on this

·                     Camera was $51 over the allotted amount


Adjourned at 1900 hours

Minutes taken by: Karl Fort - Secretary