July 17, 2007




Kienan Hamm



Sean Walsh

VP Academic


Mike Waters

VP External


Don Milner

VP Finance


Karl Fort



Jonathan Chang

Director of Communications


Reston Nash

Director of Corp. Relations


Michelle Stephenson

Director of Events


Janel Willms

Director of Services



Commenced at 1815 hours


1                    President

1.1               Old Business

1.2               New Business

1.2.1          Scholarships

                     Need to find out about selection criteria.

                     Applications would be best if accompanied by a reference letter.

1.2.2          Ticket Selling Schedule

                     Worked out, Kienan has copy.

                     Ticket selling in lobby takes precedence over being in the office.

1.2.3          New Dean Selection Committee

                     We need one student rep to be on the committee

                     Try to find someone who will be able to attend meetings this fall and spring semesters.

                     If this isnt possible could someone like Jason attend in fall, and Sean attend in spring?

                     Ideal candidate for Deans position should be familiar with student societies and open to working with them/providing support.


2                    Vice President External

2.1               Old Business

2.1.1          WESST/CFES emails fd

                     Emails got rejected.

                     Talk to Victoria.

2.2               New Business

2.2.1          Beef with Fishwrap

                     No articles are better than confusing articles.

                     Bad articles reflect badly on us as a faculty.


3                    Vice President Finance

3.1               Old Business

3.1.1          Locks

3.2               New Business

3.2.1          Approve Budget

                     Budget is good to go.


4                    Vice President Academic

4.1               Old Business

4.2               New Business

4.2.1          Student Retention Committee

                     Wednesday July 18 at 3-4:30

                     Free pizza

                     Encourage student attendance

4.2.2          TMNT Dollars

                     We have a donated TMNT arcade machine, we just need to pick it up.

                     Can we pick it up on weekend?

                     Need truck Kienan or Mike.

                     Is very heavy, so need lots of help carrying.

4.2.3          Elec Meeting

                     IS coming up, Logan will be attending.

4.2.4          Mech Meeting

                     Mike Friar will be attending.

4.2.5          General

                     Sean, try to attend more meetings

                     Bring in all previous meeting minutes to be put on file in the office.

                     Currently talking to Exam scheduler to try and become informed as soon as exam schedule comes out.


5                    Director of Communications

5.1               Old Business

5.1.1          Fishwrap

5.2               New Business

5.2.1          Website Feature

                     Michelle, Email Jon the picture.


6                    Director of Services

6.1               Old Business

6.2               New Business


7                    Director of Corporate Relations

7.1               Old Business

7.1.1          Summer Plan

7.1.2          Sponsorship Package for fundraisers

7.2               New Business


8                    Director of Events/Sports Rep

8.1               Old Business

8.2               New Business

8.2.1          Dodgeball

                     Thursday at 7:30

                     Sign up in teams, or come as singles.

                     Teams must have one girl or convincing guy in drag.

                     Put all prizes/gift certificates for dodgeball in the safe.

8.2.2          Rooftop Volleyball

                     Is on hold

                     Can be held during the week

                     Enquire about how much notice needed for cancellation of booking

                     New date: Thursday July 26

8.2.3          Charity Event

                     If it rains event will have to be postponed till next Friday Let people know.

                     There will be no refunds on tickets, this is for charity.

                     Budget is $1358 for 30 pizzas, rental of 7 festive aluminum cylinders, and some other refreshments.

                     Tickets are $15, $10 if cans of food are donated.

                     We will need reliable people to keep things under control.

8.2.4          Flyers/Posters

                     Reston and Janel work on these after the meeting.

                     Print out on coloured paper.

                     Get one poster signed and stamped then make photocopies and post all over ELW.

8.2.5          Class Announcements

                     Announce Charity event and dodgeball.


9                    Secretary

9.1               Old Business

9.1.1          Last weeks minutes

                     Michelle has paper copy, give to Karl to type up.

9.2               New Business


Adjourned at 1930 hours

Minutes taken by: Karl Fort - Secretary