July 30, 2007




Kienan Hamm



Sean Walsh

VP Academic


Mike Waters

VP External


Don Milner

VP Finance


Karl Fort



Jonathan Chang

Director of Communications


Reston Nash

Director of Corp. Relations


Michelle Stephenson

Director of Events


Janel Willms

Director of Services



Commenced at 1800 hours


1                    President

1.1               Old Business

1.2               New Business

1.2.1          Returning Officers

1.2.2          President’s Meeting (U of R)


2                    Vice President External

2.1               Old Business

2.1.1          WEC Delegation

2.2               New Business

2.2.1          Travel Fund Split

·                     Total of $10,000, same as last year, we get half of it - $5000.

2.2.2          WESST AGM/Olympics (UBC)

·                     We will pay for our first years to go.

·                     Send up to 6 people

·                     Try to attract people entering 3A who haven’t been involved to get more students interested in the ESS and Engineering societies in general.

2.2.3          Congress Delegation (U of A)

·                     Send 4 people – more is too many.

·                     Two that have been before and know what is going on, two to learn and act as head delegates next year.

·                     Michelle, Mike, Kienan, and Sean all interested in going.

·                     Head delegate must be the president of the student society as stated in CFES rules.


3                    Vice President Finance

3.1               Old Business

3.2               New Business

3.2.1          Donation to Canadian Liver Foundation

·                     Donate total cost of refreshments and pizza to liver foundation.

3.2.2          Reimbursement for charity party

·                     Mike - $20 for ice

·                     Sean - $200 for pizza

3.2.3          Summer Budget Summary

3.2.4          Budget Items for January


4                    Vice President Academic

4.1               Old Business

4.1.1          Student Retention Committee

4.1.2          Elec Meeting

4.1.3          Scholarship Applications

4.2               New Business

4.2.1          Upcoming Electives Meeting

·                     Meeting will decide what courses will be able to be counted as electives.

·                     We need a student rep on the committee.

·                     Michelle will go.


5                    Director of Communications

5.1               Old Business

5.1.1          Website Feature – Exam Advertising

5.2               New Business

5.2.1          Jon is stepping down from Dir of Com position

·                     Try to find someone to replace him.


6                    Director of Services

6.1               Old Business

6.1.1          Exam Database

·                     We need to keep this database up to date with new exams.

·                     Put all old exams/etc in Karl’s Box, he will file them.

6.2               New Business

6.2.1          Pencils/Pens

·                     They have all disappeared, we need more.

6.2.2          Inter Stream Transfer

·                     What is the status? Has anything been done?


7                    Director of Corporate Relations

7.1               Old Business

7.2               New Business

7.2.1          Order of Pi

·                     Talk to Lisanne.

·                     Michelle will start working on order of Pi in the fall, after exams.

·                     Focus on corporate participation

·                     According to constitution it is director of corporate relations’ (Reston’s), job to run charity events such as this.

·                     Michelle and Mike both want to be sole chair – both send applications to Kienan and a fair decision will be made.

·                     Consult with stream B on the issue.

7.2.2          Future of position

·                     It is felt that either the position needs a set mandate or that we should get rid of it.

·                     In the past the position has done basically nothing.


8                    Director of Events/Sports Rep

8.1               Old Business

8.1.1          Dodgeball Budget

·                     As of right now it cost us nothing – the gym was not booked, so we got it for free and there were no additional costs.

8.1.2          Roof Top Volleyball

·                     Volunteer thank-you.

·                     Night of August 17th. 6-8.

·                     Kienan will organize it.

8.1.3          Gift Certificates

·                     Michelle, find these and put in the safe.

8.2               New Business


9                    Secretary

9.1               Old Business

9.1.1          Meeting Minutes

·                     Michelle give Karl minutes for meeting he missed in July

·                     Kienan find AGM minutes and give to Karl ASAP

9.2               New Business


Adjourned at 1850 hours

Minutes taken by: Karl Fort - Secretary