Relationship with other faculties

-                    don't screw up the parties with them

Finish up financial stuff

-                    new spreadsheet format on the ess computers, give reciepts to butters to “file that shit”

Get new Viktor

-                    machining new one soon

Beer mile Friday

-                    this Thursday at 11pm

Travel fund money back

Pi, Frosh

-                    2nd week of march

-                    pair of frosh chairs needed, over the next month, come forward if you are interested

UBC E-Week

Cup Run

-                    getting organized with UBC

-                    inviting edu or our pub crawl


Girls night.  Before reading break?

-                    perhaps...


Phys 125 issues resolved?

-                    working out better, lectures improving

Elec Committee meeting

Alumni dinner?


-         whole bunch of cheques for you to sign!!

Delegate fees for CFES and WESST

Build up new spreadsheet

-                    after the meeting


Dir. of Communications:

Beer mile, Nixon watch, pubcrawl, exec welcome, prank?

Ad regarding FROSH chairs

FW money to spreadsheet

Dir. of Events:

 prof-student social/kegger.  Success!

-                    if you know some one or haven't paid for the tickets for the kegger PAY UP!

-                    Next event will be done online to prevent this


-                    theme?

EdSA pubcrawl on the 19th of March

Dir. of Corporate:

Pacific Western beer sponsor

 This week is co-op career fair.  Sweezing?

Order of Pi

-                    more shwaggg, sponsorship?


Dir. of Services

 Bolt cutters are awesome

-                    sic dood

Business cards

-                    uvic? Or vista?

Locker registration?  Do we want to bother?


Dir. of Spirit:

 Bi-partisan healing

-                    tonight!!

New retailer for everything.  Need one ASAP for pubcrawl + new ENGR t’s

-                    a new retailer would be sick

New jackets?

Dir. of Sport:

 Ice hockey decision?

-                    490$ for two hours.....midnight hockey?

-                    Hoops instead?

-                    Indoor soccer?

Other sports tourney

Drink and dodge dates

-                    2nd or 3rd week in march

Squash tourney with JP?

-                    coming up if enough interest


 Filing bills/invoices/shit

-                    some one do the minutes next week