Minutes Feb. 8th 2010


-        ESS-C to be and Travel Fund money back will be dealt with

-        ESS office was broken into. New keys for lockbox and new key-code for safe. Come and get a key if you want/need them.


-        Pi, Frosh
Ask people if they would be interested in running Frosh. Or Pi week.


-        Cup Run for our Pubcrawl?  Grab contract
Have contract for cup run, will figure out when to send it to UBC.


-        Jackets. Should be in after RB


-        Beer mile 11th or 26th
March 11th.


-        Marketing package
Promoting ESS, getting scholarships for Academic, Communications and External... will be kick-ass


-        Need to figure out what to do with all the power we have as the ESS, Stream A is notorious for being well run but not too well known. We get a shitload of money and need to use it wisely.



-        Girls night.  Week after RB is free!
And is also when all of our midterms are. Possibly pre-drinking for hockey? Or pubcrawl? Details to be decided...


-         EdSA pubcrawl on the 19th of March : Hockey conflicts with Education students Pub Crawl (Tight and Bright), March 19th. Choose which one you go to. EdSA: 130+ girls



-        If people ask what to do about ENGR 111 class (ie, it's pointless), tell them to talk to the profs/TA's



-        Maintain finances


-        Collect money from stream B soon


-        Student fees should be in soon


-        Endowment fund will be dealt with soon

Dir. of Communications:

-        Ad for girls night, pubcrawl, hockey, EdSA pubcrawl, Pi
“get shit put in thing...”


-        There's a FishWrap website. Has archives of old FishWraps... no point in really using it.


-        Ad regarding FROSH chairs
 Will be left up for another week so we can get more candidates.


Dir. of Events:

-         Our Pubcrawl on the 5th 
We have about 25 spots for education girls. YAY!

-        Drink and Dodge for end of sem.
Drink and Dodge – March 12... maybe move around so that we have time for Pi. Contact at army reserve says: not allowed to bring your own liquor, ESS will be checking bags

First 2 weeks of March will be EPIC.

Dir. of Corporate:

-        Order of Pi with Sean
Not sure when exactly he's running it (night before 3.14 is grad night). Will keep us posted. All interested in pieing, talk to Sean.

Dir. of Services

-        Business cards soon
 There's been a spreadsheet sent out, if you want them, fill out your details and bring $20.

-        Locker registration
It's happening soon.



(Just imagine it in an Aussie accent)

Greggs dirty old car fucked things up... lots of Appleton... car broke down again... more Appleton... 25 cent beers... more beers... got on the roof and was throwing shit off...more beer... ditched by Gregg and Austin... frat house... more beer... argued about being racist... chugged beers upside down... Austin in a shed smoking a hookah... went to campus, completely dead... met ladies and turned out he knew them... climbed another roof and found more girls up there... got ditched... Gregg wouldn't answer his phone... monkeyed away somewhere... smashed lightbulbs... cops came and ran into forest... resisted climbing cranes but threw insulation down poles... saw random chick walked to McDonalds and stayed at her house... slept on the floor, Austin stole her bed, girl slept next to the girl... escaped in the middle of the night... wanted to go take shit and light it on fire on Wreck Beach... went down there anyways, met up with a film crew, probably filming a porno... took over the film crew's fire and smashed a piece of their set... spooned there for a while (Steve was the big spoon)... random Indians walk up, give them wine at 6am... sang and started wrestling the indians... phone died in the morning... found a random person and asked where Morgans place was.. sat in the cafe at 10am and fall asleep... went to Campus Advisor and found Kevin's  number and got to his place. And that was Friday night.


Dir. of Spirit: 

-         Bi-partisan healing tonight?  Need a crew? Not tonight. :(

-        Uvic Pride approached us about doing a fundraiser. Legit. We might do something with them. Relationship with them is fragile- ie, if their in the room, watch what you say about homework/classes etc.

-        New retailer for everything.  Team Sales?
Prices and stuff will be found out... need ideas:

            -Uvic condoms? (German guys had them)

Liam has engineering tatooed across his dick. Who knew?

Dir. of Sport:

-         Ice hockey decision
   Couldn't get two hours, $431.55 for hour and a half- cheap in comparison. At Oak Bay.. $10 each. 40 tickets.

            Nat is in for making posters.

-        Drink and dodge dates
               March 12th for now


-        Hope Battle of the Bands was awesome!