Key card access, lock-box keys

-         Everyone submits card numbers for access to the ESS office


 Goals for the semester

-         Building interrelations with stream B and other faculty aka (education)


 Computer and e-mail access

-         interruption, waiting Bus-master to take interrupt, interrupt accepted:  Ms. Walker looking for high school tours, volunteers morning noon or lunch, during reading break.

-         Everyone has access to email pass word top secret, ask someone in the ESS

-         change passwords, don't forget it and pass it on!

 Business cards

-                    able to do business cards.....we are going to do business cards in the next couple of weeks

-                    NEW MEETING TIME  19:00 ON MONDAYS. I also don't know why this is under “Business Cards”

Office cleanliness

-                    Keep the office clean obviously, also its clean right now



APEG Industry Dinner

-                    “The guy from APEG” is coming down soon

-                    If anyone is interested in a specific group or company talk to Steph!


Van-Island Engineers lunches

-                    OLD ENGINEERS! First friday of each month at Noon (eat beer and drink food)






 Talk to Mesmer to get up to speed

 Prof-student social?

-                    soon will be getting a prof student social going

-                    liam aside “always better to have good relations with staff because everything gets better”  lets get together and feel alright man

-                    Steve doing first year staff social announcement

-                    must rsvp for the “nachos event” in the ESS office

-                    several letters were submitted in different departments and professors, everyone seems up for it.


- looking for a kegger area 80 – 100 people  IMPORTANT for the bridgies



 New accounting  system

-                    any one computer savvy enough to put one together

ESS-C accounts

 Delegate fees from CFES and WESST

Bank account signing authority

Dir. of Communications:

 Fishwrap tonight?  Wrappers?

-                    almost done but shortage of paper


 Where to take the ‘wrap this semester

Talk to Nat about sponsorship






Dir. of Events:

 Diso/prof-student social/kegger

- need a kegger location!!!

 Event plans for the semester

-                    perhaps a beer olympics coming soon

-                    first pub crawl coming up near reading break

-                    maybe “the mile of beer” no m not dyslexic that just made you think more, maybe d-ball



Dir. of Corporate:

 FW sponsorship

 Beer sponsorship

-                    talk to sean about this, may be able to get discounts,  chad..?

-                    not beer but maybe get some paper sponsorship aka fishwrap paying for itself

 Industry social?

 Branding the ESS for events, schwag

-                    please talk to max when you are going to do this because he wants to help with this.

-                    Need more shwagggggg


Dir. of Services:

 Probably need paper

-  has car -------> good news


-                    machine is broken....some one will fix it





Dir. of IT:

 We don’t have one

Exam database needs lots of work

- DLA's sharing workload of this position

Dir. of Spirit:

 T-shirts are ballin’

-                    but...but...but the logo is off to the side lol”

-                    new t-shirts after we sell these ones

-                    new design ideas??



-                    who? Will they do a good job

-                    generally elected in Febuary

 New company for schwag

- anyone know anyone into t shirt distribution and printing


-                    ideas???


Dir. of Sport:

 Ice hockey

-                    oak bay rec entirely full booked

-                    other rinks to be pursued


 Soccer sign-up

-                    facebook group “rigid members”

-                    charging 10$??




-                    bar and gym to play games and dodge

-                    team schedule, when to drink/when to dodge


Work with Nat for dates


We need a new plant

Where is your skirt

 - has 2 on each leg:p