Meeting Jan. 25, 2010


Liam “The whole point of this kegger is not to get shitter faced drunk...”


 Key card access, lock-box keys


Business cards

-                    put in your design ideas.

                Letter for Dr. T

Relationship with other faculties

-                    Hosting multitude of events not just “Engineering Keggers”

-                    IDEAS NEEDED LET LIAM KNOW

-                    possible social at felicitas with other student societies

Website and Wiki access

-                    site down

-                    key card access


Van-Island engr lunches, next week

-                    any company suggestions?

-                    Let steph know if you want to go.

More sponsorship for FW? NO


Phys 125 issues

-                    many complaints sensitive issue

 Prof-student social

-                    9 confirmed proffessors

-                    Inviting Botha




Delegate fees for CFES and WESST

Bank account signing authority

Dir. of Communications:


-                    beer companies?

-                    Paper coverage for FW

Articles, ideas

-                    any article ideas send to ZAC

Tracking paper, keep track of the paper that we use instead of just using it all up at once.  “In/out” paper write in the  binder about the paper that you're about to use. 

Dir. of Events:

 prof-student social/kegger

-                    good to goooo

 Pubcrawl.  PHYS wants to know

-                    ideas for t shirts/theme needed

-                    week after reading break, 26 of February

Course-union/ESS/EdSA/CSS party?


Dir. of Corporate:

 FW sponsorship

-                    UBC

 Beer sponsorship with Sean

 Industry social?

Order of Pi

-                    talk to sean or liam if you don't have seans contact,  about this



Dir. of Services

 Bolt cutters



Dir. of IT:

 Website upkeep and updating

New FW website?  Term project?

Dir. of Spirit:

 Bi-partisan healing

-                    talk to the man himself if you want to participate

New retailer for everything

-                    Get on the jackets, a new provider is needed.

New jackets?

Dir. of Sport:

 Ice hockey

-                    March 26, or 19  better on the 19th hours wise

 Soccer games

-                    wed. At 940 wear dark for this week


Work with Nat for dates



Accounting with VPF