Ess Minutes Mar.1, 2010



Lab space battle

-  Liam is currently trying to get this sorted out ---> drop in lab

ESS C and travel funding

- Sean and Liam meeting this week


- Any suggestions to see in the new Engenda's what you like and what you don't let liam know so we can make them better


-  Coming up, let liam and Sean know if you wish to participate

Endowment fund

-  Any ligitimate proposals please submit.

FROSH signing authority

-  Ask the new co chairs if you wanna help out!


Help with Pi and sponsors n’ shit

-                    Ask if “Piing” is going on to help out even for small ones

Industry Social

-                    if you have a company you would like to see at this ask steph for the letter you can forward

- girls night ----> wholesome goodness not just liquor wooot!


Co-op meeting with Manfred

- trying to split the coop fee


Look at most recent statement and update account

-more money than expected approx 500$

Collect money from stream B

Deposit student fees

IOU sheet for Stream B-

Dir. of Communications:

Pi!  Advertising with Noel?

-                    start a textbook service selling for cheapy cheapy for the froshies

-                    may start to talk to granville island or pilsner

Dir. of Events:

 Our Pubcrawl on the 5th

EdSA pubcrawl on the 12th of March

Drink and Dodge for end of sem.

- last week in march

Hockey night the 19th

Grab kegs from Tony the beer man

Dir. of Corporate:

Order of Pi

Textbook service

Secure that Molson guy.  What can he give us?


Dir. of Services

Business cards. Any takers?

Locker registration

Need special seal from Lordco for robot

New keys for Stream B

Dir. of Spirit:

 Bi-partisan healing

-all is a go


Vectoring for new jackets, talk to Noel and Dan.  Can you draw up some designs?

-                    done before frosh



Dir. of Sport:

Girls night for end of sem.

Reimburse for soccer?

-pay tiph so she can reimburse SEAN

Need another goalie for hockey night

-have 2 goalies now, mar. 19th


 Minutes onto site

Upload budget to site

Add all exec to site, including pictures