THURSDAY August 3, 2000
Attendees: 1. Disorientation: 2. Joel Nordman (Whats up with this guy anyway?): 3. Ski Trip - Mt. Washington: 4. Events: 5. Interstream Communications: 6. End of Term Reports: 7. Office Change/Clean-up: 8.  Student Fees: 9. Communication over the Workterm:     ESS 4 Dummies: Megan/Chris B.
    UNIX Tutorial: Megan/ Matt
    CEC: T.J./Andrew
    Long Term Sponsorship: Tom
    Travel Fund: Tom
    Handbook: David
    BaG: Chris B
    Grad: Chris B
    Getting a life for Stream A: Lila
    Disorientation: Chris R./Chris B./David
    New Website: Jeff/Niilo
    Learn Quicken: Kevin
10.  CFES Congress: 11.  Travel Fund: 12.  Campus Wide Course Evalutions: