ESS STREAM B Annual General Meeting MINUTES



Opening: The Chair declares open at 12:41 PM.

Non-Debatable Motions:

1. S01-01 Election of a Speaker:
Moved by: ESS Executive
BIRT Niilo Van Steinburg be the Speaker of the Annual General Meeting, Spring 2001.

2. S01-02 Election of a Secretary:
Moved by: ESS Executive
BIRT David Black be the secretary for the Annual General Meeting, Spring 2000.

3. S01-03 Adoption of the Agenda:
Moved by: ESS Executive
BIRT The agenda be adopted as presented.

4. S01-04 Motion to Limit Debate:
Moved by: ESS Executive
BIRT There be a ten (10) minute limit for debate per motion and a five (5) minute limit for debate per amendment.

5. Executive Accountability Session:
Summaries presented by:
- Niilo Vansteinburg (VP Academic)
- T.J. Drennan/Kevin Maxwell (Treasurer)
- Jeff Richards (Director of Services)
- David Black (Secretary)
- Megan Howell Jones (President)
- Chris Ross (Director of Events)

6. Proposed Budget 2001:
Kevin Maxwell goes through budget for 2001
Questions: What is the Endowment Fund?
Answer: Definition of Endowment Fund.

Proposed Budget 2001 - Passed.

7. Review of Mandates:
1-18 mandates involve executive positions.
Mandates Fulfilled:
- Exams posted on webpage.
- Looking into feasibility of card reader for photocopier.
- Looking in effectiveness of course surveys and finding solutions.
Mandates Not Fulfilled:
- Create new cool merchandise. (hard hats are only addition)
- Create a book swap interface for students.
- Replace the office computer. (No money to fulfill mandate.)

8. Presentations:

Canadian Engineering Competition: (Andrew Preston)
- Happening March 1-4.
- Biggest event ever held for UVic Engineering.
- 6 categories of competition.
- Volunteers needed.
- Info session next Monday Jan. 29, 2001.

The Order of Pi: (Chris Singer)
- Happening March 5-9 (Science and Tech. Week)
- Explanation of event.
- Volunteer signup list circulated.
- Behind the scenes help needed by ESS.
- V.P. Position signup list also circulating.

The BaG: (Chris Bowness)
- 5 issues to date completed by Chris Bowness.
- Current staff approximately 10.
- Chris Bowness looking for a new editor for next term.

Laval Virtual Competition:  (Gabriel Bowers)
- Team from UVic when to France last year and won.
- Would like to organize a team every year to go.
- $3000-4000 raised by corporate sponsorship.
- Gabriel Bowers would like to find a national team leader at UVic.
- Project time approximately 20 hrs.

APEG BC: (Wayne Gibson)
- Megan Thomson is the new student membership coordinator.
- Students are encouraged to get informed about APEG and the path to your PEng.
- EIT Packages will be sent out.
- Every student who signs up to the APEG Maps program, receives a free mug.

- co-op terms available designing projects for student camps.
- helps to develop good presentation skills.
- volunteers are needed.

9.  Endowment Fund Proposals:
Proposals followed through:
- Bursary for Science Venture.
- Bursary for Go-West.
- Cerelox Binding Machine for ESS.
- Support for WISE.
- Scanner for Mech. Design Lab.
- Funding for Design Project for person with a disability.
- Collegiate Funding.
- Registration Funding for CEC 2000.

Proposals unsure of or not followed through:
- Replacement course for Engr. 150.
- Staplers over resume drop boxes.
- Scanner for ECE. Design Lab.

10.  This Year's Proposals:
Students have until the last business day of February, (28th) to submit their Endowment Fund Proposals.

11. Upcoming Events:
Events Announced: WECC, PNECT, Grad Trip to SEATTLE, CEC, Order of Pi.

12.  Elections:
- Summaries of each position given.

- Joel Nordman nominates Jeff Richards.
- Chris Ross seconds.
Speech: Jeff is interested in creating more flexibility in course selection.
Questions: Do you think correspondence courses are a good idea on workterm?
Answer: Yes, very convenient.

Vote of Confidence: None against.

Jeff Richards elected as the new V.P. Academic.

- Megan Howell Jones nominates David Black.
- Diana Walker seconds.
Speech: David wants to take on the challenge of getting people out to events by other means than free beer.  He wishes to improve Engr. TV, Tubes and Wires and Project Magazine.
Questions: None.

Vote of Confidence: None against.

David Black elected as the new Director of Communications.

- Diana Walker nominates Christa Kruck.
- Gabriel Bowers seconds.
Speech: Recorded on video cassette.  Sort of hard to hear but charming.
Questions: None.

Vote of Confidence: None against.

Christa Kruck elected as the new Director of Corporate Relations.

- Sean nominates Bob Basi.
- Chris Fogelclou seconds.
Speech: Bob looks to narrow the gap between bridge students and core students.  Welcome to all new ideas for merchandise.
Questions: None.

Vote of Confidence: None against.

Bob Basi elected as the new Director of Services.

- Jeff Cosill nominates Beau Nychka.
- David Black seconds.
- Joel Nordman nominates Chris Ross.
- Jeff Richards seconds.

Speech (Beau Nychka): Beau wants people to party hard as well as study hard.
Speech (Chris Ross): Chris liked his first term as Director of Services, some things fell through such as the ski trip, but he believes that he will be able to organize some good events for this term.

Question: How do you plan to get people out to events?
Answer (Chris Ross): Posters, class announcements, ads in Tubes and Wires and word of mouth.
Answer (Beau Nychka): Same methods as above; give students incentive to come by offering something free or cheap.

Question: What is your idea of the perfect party and what celebrity would be there?
Answer (Beau Nychka): Kegs, lots of space, people, lights, fire being thrown around.  Britney Spears would have to be there.
Answer (Chris Ross): Cabin at the lake, guys and girls, fishing, waterskiing, free beer.  Wayne Gretsky would have to be there.

Question: What new events could you bring to the student body?
Answer (Chris Ross): Would like to make a change of pace.  Have events not necessarily based on brinking.  New sporting events.
Answer (Beau Nychka): Would like to go with what has worked in the past.  It is difficult to schedule new events this term for students however an ultimate tournament, camping or soccer are additions that could be made.

Question: Can you create a junk yard wars team?
Answer: This is a V.P. External issue, talk to Joel Nordman.

Votes: Beau Nychka (46); Chris Ross (9)

Beau Nychka is elected as the new Director of Events.

- Megan Howell Jones nominates Diana Walker.
- Karen Barker seconds.
- Nomination for Matt Wall: Declined.

Questions: How do you plan to outdo the performance of David Black.
Answer: I'll be the gopher for the ESS and I will do my job more efficiently because I am a girl.  Just kidding.

Vote of Confidence: None against.

Diana Walker elected as the new secretary.

13. Prepared Motions:

S01-05 Adoption of the Budget
Moved by: ESS Executive
WHEREAS The budget must be voted on.
BIRT The proposed ESS operating budget for Spring 2001 be adopted.
Adoption of the Budget: passed

S01-06 Name Change for VP Internal (Stream A)
Moved by: ESS Executive
WHEREAS Stream A wants to change the name from Vice President Internal to Vice President Academic.
BIRT The executive change all references of Vice President Internal to Vice President Academic in all official documents.
Name Change for VP Internal: passed.

S01-07 Vend Card System for the Photocopier
Moved by: ESS Executive
WHEREAS the current system of pass numbers is difficult to manage and leaves the copier open to fraud.
WHEREAS the ESS executive was previously mandated to investigate, and if feasible implement, replacing the existing control box with a ZAP-type vend card system.
WHEREAS the ESS executive has investigated this issue and believes it feasible.
BIRT  the vend card system be implemented for the photocopier.
Question: How much money was lost due to fraud?
Answer: A few hundred dollars.

Question: How will you ensure that the photocopying is only for engineering students?
Answer: The cards are unique to the machine, and the encoder will be in the ESS office.

Question: What will stop someone from stealing the card machine?
Answer: Office keys are being tracked down and security would be better.

Votes: For (42), Against (6)
Adoption of Vend Card System for the Photocopier: passed

14. Impromtu Motions:

- Exam Service: passed.
- Nibbles and Bytes extension of Hours: passed
    - unfriendly ammendment: If not possible, ESS be open for food distribution ---> turned down.
- Link to Executive Theme Songs: passed.

15.  Report of Deans BBQ Prices and PNECT Tickets.

16. Motion to Adjourn:
- Megan Howell Jones - 1st.
- Diana Walker - 2nd.

Meeting adjourned.