Niilo (President)

Kevin (Tresurer)

Jeff (VPA)

Dave (Dir of Communications)

Christa (Dir of Corp Rel)

Beau (Dir of Events)

Chris S (Pi)

Joel N (VPX)

Jason (Pi)

Bob (Dir of Services)

Joel F (3A Comp rep)

Chris B (BaG/Grad)

Reese (1B rep)

Tariq (1B rep)

Shannon (1B rep)

1. Welcome new exec


2. Speech by Niilo

-Teamwork! Help each other out.

-respond to emails on the B link

3. Review Action Items (last ess meeting)

-Niilo didnít do enannounce yet

-Directoryís info has been ready except mechs-ready by ?Friday?

-Jeff gives bob list for lockers to organize cutting

-going to put a 2 week notice on lockers

-Dave collect recieps for VI


-Bob-Determine policy regardingthe posting deadlines and scope of the exam service (and add to the Policy Manual)

-Dave-talk to food services re: Nibbles and Bytes

-Niilo should know ALL email link addresses

-last summers exec put link to theme song

-Bob-new merchandise

-liked the ideaís from the bag

-Niilo has list of various merchandise

-Bob-book posting online

-look into cost for heavy duty stapler

-chain down

4. Pi

-exec should chip in, mostly Christa, Beau and Dave

-put add in times colonist

-Jason-new grand inquisitor

-Dave-contacts the Ring/Martlet

-2 banners need to be made up

-flyers everywhere

-awareness on campus

-Jeff will contact German and Medival club for volunteers

-Sheet by phone for info from callers

-check around for premotions

5. Exec transitions


-Dir of Services-in process


-Dir of Events-done

-Dir of Communications-get control of email

-Dir if Corp Rel-get control of email

-Christa-get familiar with what you have to do

-contact Adrian

6. Contact equivalent in other stream

introduce yourself

Chris B interupts the agenda

-Applications for senate are open

-want to get a rep from ess for the senate

-Jeff should find a rep

7. Office hours

-Beau-11:30-12:30 Thursday and 4:00-5:00 Wednesday

-Kevin-11:30-12:30 Wednesday and 11:30-12:30 Monday

-Joel-12:30-1:30 Monday

-Bob-12:30-1:30 Thursday and 12:30-1:30 Tuesday

-Jeff-3:30-5:30 Monday

-Diana-2:30-4:30 Tuesday

-Dave-12:30-1:30 Friday and 3:30-4:30 Friday

-Christa-12:30-1:30 Wednesday and 1:30-2:30 Thursday

-Joelís second hour will be determined later

-Jeff will post office hours

8. Office procedures/policies

-be here during office hours

-blue book and cash box in filing cabinet

-record merchandice purchace

-record photocopier accounts -in blue book

-record printer accounts

-money in cash box

-there is a book by the phone for messages

-record the time, date, initial it, and say who it is for

-sign out sheet-get calatoral

-initial when it gets back

-never leave anybody in office without exec

9. Kevinís small events idea

-in groups of two-put on a small event

-each semestar the pair puts on one small evant-required-in policy manual

10. Card reader-quick update

-implement asap (mon?)

-$2 deposit on card

-possible vending machine outside in future

11. PNECT (feb 9 and 10)

Ticket Sales

-in envolope in cash box

-write onfo when selling a ticket in the blue book

-ask to take a billet

-who can come? engineers and guests

Posters, Class Announcements

-announce with intro of new exec

-Diana make posters

-post them in the ELW

Create a "Buzz"

-Spread the work


-IMAX and brewery were chosen over movie making

Decide on Pubs/nightclubs:

-Possible pubs







-Gorging Dragon

-Monkey tree

-Beau-phone the pubs -pool tournaments?


-first pub from 5:00-8:00

Which Exec Are Going?

-buy ticket asap


-Niilo talk to Megan

-Confirm with pub decisions

12. Hard Hats

-Exec wear them for intros

-tell frosh to come pick them up

13. SKIP

14. Endowment Fund

-Kevin working on price

-Kevin posters

-give proposals

-Kevin? interested to sit on the Endowment Fund Committee

15. March By-election

-March 15th-president election

16. Frosh 2001

-need other than frist years helping

17. Event summaries

-If you do an event, write doen what went right/wrong on the sheet in the ess office

18. Office cleanliness

-Clean if you are in the office

19. Business card

-before we had 50 each

-?Reduce from 50 for certain people?

20. Class Visits

-meet at 8:20am in ess office

-8:30am Thursday CSC 349A

-10:00am Thursday Phys 125 rm 060

-hard hats

-Niilo call Jeff to remind

21. Exams to be scanned

-put exams into box so donít get mixed with already scanned exams

22. SKIP

23. SKIP

24. Stickers

-Bob-ideas-look into getting stickers

Next Meeting: 5:30pm on Wednesday Feb 7