Niilo Van Steinburg
Jeff Richards
Joel Nordman
Joel Feiber
Beau Nychka
Diana Walker
Christa Kruck
Reese Dawes
Dave Black
Kevin Maxwell
Megan Howell Jones
TJ Drennan
Andrew Preston
Tariq Ahmed
Jason Thompson

1.  Review Action Items
        -"Buzz" has been created about PNECT
Interupted to talk about PNECT

        -Joel-follow up on SFU
        -There won't be a movie night, just the pub sit on friday night
        -There is a lot of money left over in the account
            -do more give-aways
            -food event between tour and imax
            -help pay for dinner??
        -the buses are booked
            -double decker and cheese bus

        -first-Monkey Tree st 5:30pm-8pm
            -have everybody split into teams
            -each team make poster to post on side of bus
            -best poster picks what drink is in special at next pub

        -second-5th street bar and grill
            -the three teams that win the event at this bar pick the 3 drink specials at next pub

        -third-cherry bank hotel
            -there will be a lot of drinks on special

        -fourth-Old Baileys

            -go to Legends in groups of 5

        -there is a written itinerary
        -Megan needs washable markers for drawing on each other's shirts-3 packs
        -Beau-email itinerary to Megan
        -Jeff-go to store to buy supplies

1. ...continued
        -exec needs to hurry up and send Niilo the company names
        -no comments were given on resume
        -Diana and Christa are having a girls night for their event
        -Niilo hasn't done deal for Directory, or updated the constitution
        -Clearihue doesn't know where any digital camera's are
        -Bob hasn't done any of his action items
        -Beau wil email Lila tonight to introduce himself
        -All other action items were done

2.  ESS Printer

        -store it!

4.  Pi

        -UVSS will email document saying policies on where we can post big posters
        -we should make 3 posters, in ELW, on Library, on U.Center
        -posters should be up before reading break
        -advertise on lockers
        -want to advertise on other building and other faculties
        -Jeff will email medival club tomorrow
        -Martlet and Ring have been contacted and informed
        -Press releasehas been sent to local media
        -Need to contact local radio
        -Andrew email info on the Q to Pi
        -Jason email Niilo procedure required to contact radio
        -Niilo talk to Dean for more support
        -Anyone who wants in on the inner circle email Jason

5.  Dinner With Prof

        -Dave wants to schedule tentative dinner dates, then email profs
        -Last semestar they were on thursdays
        -Make sure the people who suggested the profs can make it
        -Every two weeks starting Feb 15th

6.  Keys

        -if we can't locate all keys to key box, we will get a new lock and all new keys

7.  Sub-Org Reports

        -it is finantial report at end of every term
            -forced science venture to inform us and keep themselves finantially organized
        -Niilo will meet with Sub-Orgs