February 14, 2001

Niilo Van Steinburg
Jeff Richards
Joel Nordman
Diana Walker
Reese Dawes
Dave Black
Megan Howell Jones
TJ Drennan
Andrew Preston
Tariq Ahmed
Jason Thompson
Bob Basi

1.  Review Action Items
        -Niilo sent off company names
        -March 16th?  Industry night? this is probably the only night we can do it
        -see if APEG will give a workshop on dealing with a crowd
        -send Niilo info on what people say about APEG map
        -Kevin is working on Endowment stuff
        -Niilo's items are in progress
        -Joel doesn't know what type of Digital Camera ESS wants
        -Joel should talk to Steve Ansell

8.  Digital Camera
        -require people to give us a couple day notive to sign out the camera
        -do we want to have a deposit?
        -what sort of restrictions to sign out camera?
        -have a specific period to have digital camera signed out
        -what can we take as calateral
            -check for $100
            -have some waivers
        -put a limit on amount of time it is out
            -24 hours
        -criteria to lend out?
            -can we get list of registered engr. students?
            -we could get validation stickers
                -that's too extreme
        -Jeff, find out what is required to get a list of all registered engineers
        -ESS can reserve the digital camera for events (ie Pi, CEC, etc.)

!.  continued..
        -Dave is still waiting for wird about Nibbles and Bites
            -say that the student body is interested in having extended hours
            -ask why they close at that time
            -they probably have email
        -Jeff contact profs of 240 for futur semestars
        -Jeff has to send Bob email re: lockers
            -waiting on stickers
        -Bob emailed Jake
        -Book swap at bottom of action items list
        -Christa secured space inside buses to advertize for Pi in all 200 busses
        -We need to make signs, perhaps can get it done for free
        -two cell phones for week of Pi
        -we have a car already
        -Christa needs names of people driving car
            -Jason will email that info to her
        -May take up to a week to get signs finished
        -Beau emailed Lila

6.  Pi
        -first add is out on one of the papers from around town
        -Jason will see if student that don't go to UVic can Pi their teachers

5.  PNECT-quick review
        -didn't give away all money
        -all t-shirts were in box which is lost
        -could put extra money back into ESS

4.  Log Books
        -Everybody should have log books basically just for references for the future

2.  New Computer
        -we have a lot of money what to do
        -get 17" moniter
        -haven't heard anything from other stream about computer
        -Adam said $600 is ok
        -the only reason crappy printer is in back is for Pi
        -could bring in a printer for a week
        -CEC could donate their printer
        -we'll spend $2000 on the computer
            -we get no GST if we buy through UVic computer store
        -Bob look into prices
            -we want a P3
            -lots of RAM
            -windown 2000

3.  Vend Card System
        -Stream A knows what we are doing
        -their deadline for voting was today
        -Niilo will phone this week to get it going
        -we need to get a print out of the credit people already have on their account
        -we don't want to have the time of inplementing it during exams
        -is there a shelf to put the reader on?

6.  Pi
        -need names and charges for person to be pied on friday in engr 020
        -it is all arranged
        -Jeff will talk to other course unions
            -hasn't heard back from medival club
        -There is a web page with info for all unions
        -To post banners on buildings it requires permission from building
        -Lets get banners done!

7.  Endowment Committee (Alumni on Associate)
        -Mike Morgan wants to be asked for Alumni
        -we don't need to have associate as well
        -meets hason't been set yes
            -should be in first 2 weeks of march

9.  ESSB News
        -Niilo is leaving so somebody else has to do the news letter
        -it gets sent out every week
        -Jeff will take it on

        -create a "buzz".  People need to know
        -weekend of APEG puts adds in most papers
        -already in the ring

        -get rid of one desk
        -get a round table
        -clean up office!