Niilo Van Steinburg
Christa Kruck
Dave Black
Jeff Richards
Diana Walker
Bob Basi
Reese Dawes
Tariq Ahmed
Sarah Webb
Andrew McVie
Joanna Groves
Bazil Alexander
Chuck Wootten
Joel Nordman
Joel Feiber
Megan Howell Jones
Jason Thompson
Andrew Preston

1.  Political Shtuff
        -Bazil introduces himself
            -he wants to get electing in on board of governots on the university senate
            -big on communications
        -Chuck introduces himself
            -he is running for director of services
            -thinks we should get together more as a school
        -Sarah introduces herself
            -running for director of academics
            -potential for spirit on campus
        -Andrew introduces homself
            -running for chair
            -concerned with alienation of student body
            -wants to get everybody to vote
        -Joanna introdeces herself
            -running for director at large
            -wants to be a true representative

        -should we inform engr students of election and candidates?
        -it is out job to inform engr students of events
        -email news letter with links to their information

2.  Photocopier
        -instructions are in top drawer
        -use card reader to encode cards
        -we will just sell pre encoded cards $1-10

3.  Pi
        -Start NEXT WEEK!
        -email is being sent out tonight for volunteer training on sat
        -radio press releases haven't been done yet
        -there is an order form beside the phone (and instructions) fill out
        -Jeff talked to German club

4.  CEC
        -hand out flyers
        -stand up and advertize in class
        -there is a career fair sat from 9-4, open for everybody
        -tell the people to come and party with CEC

5.  Frosh
        -frosh is going good
        -want to get more conversation on the link
        -want to get minutes on web page
        -next meeting make tentative timetable

    -Dave talked to Nibbles and Bites
        -schedule is for coffee break and lunch times
        -can't be extended to long for times to set up and close
        -can't stay open because don't have enought room to store food
            -also would have to have extra employee
        -McLauren is open really late